CBD Drink Drops

Our new premium CBD Drink Drops hydrate the body and calm the mind with three delicious flavors – Orchard Berry, White Peach, and Sunrise Citrus.

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The perfect as-needed addition to your daily routine.


Choose your level of calm with our new CBD Drink Drops Trio, designed for fast-acting with powerful effects. Each squeeze bottle contains 100mg of full-spectrum, hand-harvested CBD that can be used anywhere from your morning workout to your nightly wind down.

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Complete calm, now only a sip away.

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Try Drink Drops – $65

How to Use:

One dose/squeeze = ~5mg per dose (~1/2 tsp)

Carefully add one firm squeeze (~½ tsp) into 8 oz of water or beverage of your choice. Ensure the squeeze bottle is below the rim of the glass to avoid overspray. Shake or stir to evenly combine.

  • Wait for at least 10-15 minutes before adding another dose.
  • Everyone is different – some people will feel it faster than others!
  • If a stronger flavor is desired, you can squeeze more, but remember you’ll be increasing your CBD dose too! Sip your first beverage at home to find your ideal dose and to monitor effects.

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Dissolve stress, absorb balance.

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Try Drink Drops – $65

Leading the Charge in CBD Bio-Availability

Drink Drops are pre-dissolved using exclusive, patent-pending Molecular Dispersion technology.

  • CBD is more readily absorbed through the digestive system leading to a rapid onset time: approximately 10-15 minutes.
  • Peak effect is around 30-45 minutes. Length of duration can range between 2-3 hours.
  • Developed with our exclusive biotech partner, SUM (“Superior Uptake Method”) Biotech — with two patents pending — for rapid onset of our farm’s full-spectrum CBD.

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We’re always here for you.

Our 1:1 dosage support is here to help you find the right routine for you.


Can I add this to any kind of beverage?

Any water-based drink is fine to mix with. For carbonated drinks, there is potential for initial foaming interaction – this is okay! If using a Soda Stream, it is recommended to add Drink Drops AFTER carbonation. Lastly, the only known type of drink that should be avoided is red wine – the tannin interactions are not compatible with the Drink Drops.

Does heat affect the Drink Drops?

Adding drops to hot tea or coffee is safe, however, you don’t necessarily want to boil them. The Drink Drops are made under heat, so sitting in a warm car will not compromise the integrity of the technology either, however, risks of cannabinoid degradation in direct sunlight are possible. It is recommended to store the Drink Drops in a cool, dark place. Because the cannabinoid molecules are even smaller in this form, they may have a higher susceptibility to light degradation.

What allergens do the Drink Drops contain?

If you are allergic to carrots, blueberries, apples, radishes, or turmeric, we highly encourage you to reach out to your licensed healthcare provider before trying our Limited Edition Drink Drops. Our non-GMO trio of Drink Drops is colored with natural concentrates from the aforementioned sources – no artificial flavors or colors are used here!

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