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NEW! Rapid Calming Melts

Greater Calm, Faster.

Patent-Pending, Quick-Onset Technology powered by SUM Biotech

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Add calm to your routine when you need it most.


NEW! Precise, potent, and deliciously minty Rapid Calming Melts are a small-but-mighty addition to your daily CBD routine.  Enjoy this discreet, as-needed dose of calm under the tongue any time you’re feeling extra stressed or need to unwind, on the spot.


Efficient and Precise Dosing

Melt away elevated stress — quickly. Dissolving under the tongue, our Rapid Calming Melts work in as little as 10 minutes and last 3-6 hours. Ideal for targeted results to supplement your daily CBD routine.

15 count, 5mg each
Sugar-free, Calorie-free, Gluten-free, Vegan

The perfect addition to your daily routine, for moments of acute stress.

Unique, Quick-Onset Technology

Dissolves completely and quickly, with micro-particles that stay in place and absorb under your tongue. Get consistent results from dose-to-dose by avoiding the digestive system. Developed with our exclusive biotech partner, SUM (“Superior Uptake Method”) Biotech — with two patents pending — for rapid onset of our farm’s full-spectrum CBD.

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Emily G.

“I didn’t try the melt midday until my last one, and WOW I wish I had tried that sooner. I was feeling a panic attack coming on and I took one and I felt the relaxation immediately. My heart rate slowed, my mind stopped racing, and I could feel my body relax. I would absolutely use these as a “spot treatment” when needed.”

Sonya L.

“I enjoy taking the melts, they provide a needed change, normally I use the drops at night, or before a panic attack occurs and the melts work extremely well with keeping me calm.”

Mary H.

“I could definitely tell a difference. They worked quickly and consistently.”

Rebekah B.

“I just loved them. They really worked for me.”

Kayla V.

“The melts are great for travel or just throwing in your purse!!”

Vidushi S.

“I felt productive and happy, like I could tackle the world, but also knew I could fall asleep very soon (as I wanted since it was the evening). It was like having the effect of a great cup of coffee without the side effect of not being able to fall asleep for hours.”

Powered by SUM Biotech


The innovative, patent-pending technology in our Rapid Calming Melts maximizes absorption for greater calm — faster.


New! Calm Box

Rapid Calming Melts are the perfect as-needed addition to a full-spectrum daily CBD routine. Find calm, daily, and be prepared for life’s most stressful moments with the Calm Box.

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