Rapid Sleep Melts

Designed to make bedtime fast, easy and predictable.

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Putting the fast in fast asleep.

Equilibria’s new, all-natural sleep aid has a short onset time which makes getting to sleep quick and easy. Bonus: no residual grogginess.

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How to use:

These powerful melts work best when melted fully under the tongue.

  • Wet your mouth with a sip of water, and swallow.
  • Place melt under your tongue and do not swallow until fully dissolved – less than 5 min.
  • Avoid chewing, crushing or swallowing whole.
Pro Tip:
  • For help with integrating Rapid Sleep Melts into your existing daily CBD routine, reach out to your Equilibria Dosage Specialist via email or schedule an appointment.

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How do I take the Rapid Sleep Melts?

We recommend taking your Rapid Sleep Melt 30 minutes before your desired bedtime, and making sure to wait at least 10-15 minutes after taking your Melt to brush your teeth.

To get started, first take a sip of water and swallow it before placing 1 Rapid Sleep Melt under your tongue. For first time use, feel free to start with ½ of a Melt, if you’d like!

Your Rapid Sleep Melt should take less than five minutes to absorb beneath your tongue. Avoid crushing, chewing, or swallowing the Melt whole, as this may delay onset and decrease bioavailability.

How long do the Rapid Sleep Melts last?

The Rapid Sleep Melts have an average onset time of 10-15 minutes with effects lasting for 3-6 hours.

What do I need to know about CBN?

While many of our members are familiar with CBD and THC, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many therapeutic compounds in the hemp plant. Despite being structurally similar to, and derived from THC, CBN is a non-psychotropic (non-intoxicating) compound with potential sedative effects.

CBN, like CBD, is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid found in the Cannabis sativa plant. While it won’t make you feel high, CBN users often report experiencing better quality sleep.
Additionally, when cannabinoids and terpenes are taken in tandem, not only do they amplify the properties of one another, but they also maximize the efficacy of your CBD at lower doses—this is often referred to as the “entourage effect”. When CBN is added to the mix, you may find that you notice stronger effects at a lower CBD dose than you have previously taken—and you can thank the dream team of CBD, CBN, and THC for the extra boost of support!

Can I take my Rapid Sleep Melts with alcohol?

Rapid Sleep Melts contain powerful ingredients to help you rest throughout the night. Therefore, we do not recommend consuming this product in combination with alcohol. Instead, try your Melts as an alternative to a nightly alcoholic beverage!

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