Our newest flavored CBD oil is here! Meet Winter Citrus Daily Drops
Our newest flavored CBD oil is here! Meet Winter Citrus Daily Drops

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Warm, spiced, and complex, this Limited Edition Winter Citrus Daily Drops flavor captures the essence of winter. Soothe the senses with a blend of ripe orange and bright cranberry flavors, paired with cinnamon and clove spices.

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10mg CBD per 1ml dropper.


These Winter Citrus flavored Daily Drops help increase a sense of calm and balance in the face of day-to-day stress. Members love taking oil drops before bed to increase relaxation, and during the day to promote focus and decrease tension. Take Daily Drops right after eating a healthy fat (like nut butter, almonds, or avocado) for increased efficacy. Onset Time: 10-30 minutes Lasts: 4-6 hours 

Supplement Facts/Ingredients+

  • Activated full spectrum hemp flower oil CBD concentrate
  • MCT oil (derived from coconut)
  • Natural flavoring
Lab Results
Daily Drops (10mg/1ml strength): Download PDF

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