Relief Cream

Fast-acting Topical

500mg CBD per 1oz jar

$58.00 or $58.00 $46.40 every 4 weeks


About our Relief Cream

Relax and revive from the outside in with our famous Relief Cream. Great for targeting local discomfort, our better-than-topical cream absorbs into the skin and can be used multiple times a day as needed. It is commonly used for achy joints, cramps, and general soreness.
Note: This product is sensitive to heat. We recommend storing in a cool, dry place to maintain consistency. If it arrives hot, simply place in the fridge to restore this smooth salve!





Gluten Free



Colorado-grown, activated full-spectrum hemp flower oil, coconut oil, shea butter, arnica, menthol, lavender, rosemary.

Lab Results

Relief Cream (500mg/1oz): Download PDF


For targeted relief — apply to sore areas, starting with a pea-sized amount and adding as needed.

What’s Your EQ?

Everyone’s EQ is different. Your personalized dosage specialist will help you determine your unique EQ.

As a Medical Social Worker in a hospital, I am constantly suffering from carpal-tunnel. My hands, along with my neck and shoulders suffer. The relief cream has been my lifeboat – I use it in the morning & evening, followed by 10mg of the daily drops before bed to stop my racing mind. This has been a huge game-changer for me – & I am getting those peaceful nights of sleep I thought I’d lost.

Allyson H.

Relief Cream

I take either the Daily Softgels or the Daily Drops twice a day with a 15mL bottle of drops I usually keep on me for touch ups. This helps me regulate my blood pressure, lower [stress], help keep my [distress] at bay, ease my pain (INCLUDING THE CHRONIC HEADACHES!!!), and tell my psoriasis to chill out! What’s great is the Relief Cream and how amazing it is on my back aches and chronic neck pain. Oh. My. Gosh. It’s the BEST CBD oil I’ve ever found.

Linh H.

Relief Cream + Daily Drops - Extra Strength + Daily Softgels - Extra Strength

Since my early 20’s, I’ve suffered from migraines. When I saw a friend talking about Equilibria, on Instagram, I bit the bullet and ordered the softgels, drops, and relief cream. My friend is in the medical field, so I especially trusted her recommendation AND she’d had very positive results. I tried the relief cream immediately at the base of my skull, where my pain originates. It worked! I was so excited to get started with my regimen. I began with a softgel in the morning and one dropperful at night. After my consultation, we switched to a softgel at night and a 1/2 dropperful in the morning and another at noon. Equilibria has made such a difference. Thank you!

Ann B.

Daily Drops + Daily Softgels + Relief Cream