For women, by women

Elevated CBD.
150,000+ women served.

Equilibria rises above ordinary CBD to meet every woman at the intersection between clinical excellence and the body’s ability to heal, refresh, and restore.

Real stories. Real women. Real science.

CBD—in its cleanest and most elevated form—has the power to restore women’s lives. Our founders have experienced this power first-hand, and are bringing it to women everywhere.


“Equilibria has truly changed my life by helping me manage my overall stress level and improve my quality of sleep.”

Ashley P

The science of CBD

Our bodies’ endocannabinoid system naturally depletes as we age or endure trauma—leaving us stressed, sleepless or otherwise off-balance. Phytocannabinoids, borrowed from plants, can bring this vital system back to equilibrium.

My EQ Story

“I immediately had drastic results. I’ve slept through every single night without racing thoughts keeping me awake. My sleep has been sound and I wake up feeling refreshed and at ease. And I also found that I am more calm throughout the day. I’m looking forward to more results and the benefits of continued use!”

Maxine M

Sleep Box

My EQ Story

“I’ve only been taking it for a little while and my sleep has drastically improved already, I feel more focused throughout the day and have greater ability to handle life’s stressors. Who knew something as small as a drop could drastically improve my sleep, happiness, health and life? Thank you, Equilibria!”

Monica D

Calm Box

“I found Equilibria and immediately loved everything about it: women-owned, curated dosage, and high-quality CBD.”

Kristen J

CBD, elevated.

With single-source, organic, hand-harvested hemp flowers, personalized routines and 1-on-1 dosage support, we’re elevating an entire industry—and helping women heal, refresh, and restore.

My EQ Story

“I have been taking Equilibria for roughly two months and for the first time in years I feel like myself again. There has been a noticeable shift in my mood—my boyfriend would say I am less cranky. I have more energy and don’t feel overwhelmed with everyday tasks. I know this is science not magic, but this is the closest thing to magic I have ever encountered.”

Claire B

Relief Box

My EQ Story

“The daily drops and softgels combo is essential in my daily routine. I am able to be more level headed and approach my day (and motherhood!) with a sense of peace, calm, and clarity. I do not get stressed as easily and am able to not react, but rather find solutions. Thanks Equilibria for helping to make women everywhere feel their very best.”

Nadia E

Balance Box

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