How to Use Daily Drops


  • Start with one full dropper (10mg) every evening. Hold under tongue for 30-60 seconds then swallow.
  • Wait 15 minutes.
  • If you don't feel any effect, take another full dropper.
  • Repeat routine for 5 days, then schedule your one-on-one dosage consultation to further personalize your dose!

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Daily Softgels

Available in 10mg or 25mg, and 30 or 60 count

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What's your EQ?

Everyone’s EQ is different. Your personalized dosage specialist will help you determine your unique EQ.

“I was tormented by horrible, breathless anxiety attacks that had gotten worse over the past year. I have learned that taking a dropper or two as soon as I notice my symptoms coming on works really well for me.”


Celia R.

“As a solopreneur, I have a lot of things going on in my mind when I go to bed and the drops have really helped me just get even, balanced, and have a clear mind before bed.”


Neha O.

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Daily Softgels

Available in 10mg or 25mg, and 30 or 60 count

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