Bringing balance to the lives of women

Since 2019, we’ve helped nearly 200,000 women take charge of their own personal wellness routine by supplying high-quality ingredients and empowering them with knowledge. We are obsessed with science and quality, and diligently test our products to ensure they not only meet industry standards, but surpass them.


We are a by-women, for-women wellness company dedicated to providing high-quality CBD and cannabis education. After turning to CBD to address their own health challenges, our co-founders Coco and Marcy recognized that for many women, a lack of understanding the ins and outs of CBD dosing was an obstacle for success.

Coco + Marcy

Co-Founder Marcy Capron-Vermillion’s life forever changed after receiving CBD as a gift for her 30th birthday. An incredible success story, she was able to drastically reduce her reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, and tackle her mental health and spinal nerve pain issues. So, as an engineer and perpetual innovator, she chose to learn everything possible about this powerful health agent, eventually leading workshops on the medicinal and regulatory power of cannabis for women. (Northwestern, Co-Founder Polymathic, acquired by DevMynd/Tandem)

Co-Founder Coco Meers is a busy tech operator, investor, advisor, and – most importantly – mom of 2. CBD gives her peace of mind to be even more present with her family and relieves pain from her autoimmune spine condition. (Princeton, Booth MBA, L’Oreal, Founder PrettyQuick acquired by GRPN)

By Women, For You

We understand that our bodies are different, from cyclical changes to the very real challenges of menopause and childbirth and everything in-between. So at Equilibria, we believe quality matters. We believe service matters. And women deserve a wellness brand that can deliver all of the above!

Data-Backed Science & Education

Health is science. That’s why methodology is so important to us. We’re developing custom formulations and delivery mechanisms with the modern woman in mind. From cutting-edge hemp extraction techniques to production optimized for consistency and quality, to developing our own product and service technology, our team works to ensure we are leading the way as the most premium wellness company on the market.

Our Innovation Partners

We source all of our hemp from our partner farm outside of Boulder, CO. Our strategy for growing and harvesting hemp at our farm aligns with our dedication to providing some of the highest quality CBD and functional ingredients on the market. This farm employs include organic farming practices, growing our hemp outdoors before hand-harvesting the flower, homogenizing our harvest for consistent results, and internally testing our products every step of the way along the production process before sending them off for third-party lab testing.

We have also partnered with SUM Biotech to create one of the most innovative sublingual CBD products on the market. Using an exclusive, patent-pending micro-particle and mucosal binding technology, our Rapid Calming Melts make it possible to absorb up to 95% of the CBD — so even at just 5mg each, they pack a powerful punch for the extra stressful moments that may come up.

Partnership with Black Girl Ventures

Did you know that on average Black women entrepreneurs receive less than 1% of venture capital? Since 2020, Equilibria and Black Girl Ventures have joined forces to change that. Black Girl Ventures is an organization that provides Black and Brown women-identifying founders with the tools to sustain their businesses.

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