Your Story

Your body, your dose. Your experience, your story. Every member finds their own #EQ. What’s your #myEQ story?

As part of Equilibria’s commitment to personalization and quality products and services for our member community, we want to learn and share more about you and your unique journey with CBD.

When did you start taking CBD? Why have you made it a part of your routine? Has your routine changed over time? How has your CBD journey impacted your life? What would you tell others who have never tried CBD or are skeptical?

If you’re interested in sharing your story, please complete the form below.

Feel free to tell your story however you feel comfortable — using words, photos, and/or video. No pressure! If we share your story on our website, social media, or marketing materials, we’ll give you a $20 credit toward a future purchase! Include your IG and FB handles so we can tag you when we post!

Remember, by participating, you’re giving us permission to publicly use everything you share with us. So try not to share any personal information (no ATM pins or social security numbers please!).

THANK YOU for letting us go on this journey with you!


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