Regular Strength

Daily Softgels

A member favorite, our best-selling CBD Daily Softgels (Regular Strength) are a slow-release product for long-lasting effects, and perfect for all day balance.

10mg CBD per capsule.

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About our Daily Softgels

Our Daily Softgels are infused with our hand-harvested, full-spectrum CBD and are a slow-release product for long-lasting effects.

Members report taking softgels as a kind of “insurance policy” against periodic flare-ups of stress and persistent health concerns. When taken before bed, softgels may allow for a more restful sleep throughout the night.

Onset Time: 1-3 hours
Lasts: 6-8 hours




Gluten Free



Colorado-grown, activated full-spectrum hemp flower oil CBD concentrate, kosher beef gelatin, MCT oil, vegetable glycerin, and purified water.

Lab Results

Daily Softgels (10mg each): Download PDF

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Getting Started

  1. Store at room temperature.
  2. Take one softgel daily as needed (10mg) with food and/or drink (in the AM, or PM).
  3. Repeat routine daily.
  4. Schedule your 1:1 dosage consultation to further personalize your dose!

What’s Your EQ?

Everyone’s EQ is different. Your personalized dosage specialist will help you determine your unique EQ.

I’m still in my first month of using it, but so far I love it! I’m a high school special education teacher, and so there have been a lot of changes and limited guidance with E-Learning due to COVID-19. I have been feeling calm throughout the day, and have been getting through my to-do list with no problem! I’ve been better about “letting things go” or telling myself “this can wait” without getting so [stressed] about what could happen if I didn’t grade something by TONIGHT. I also had to postpone my wedding from June 2020, to May 2021, and there was minimal stress (I thought I would be a hot mess, but I kept my cool). All in all, I’m enjoying CBD and what it has helped me with these past few weeks. I plan on getting a subscription so I can maintain this routine!

June K.

Daily Softgels

I’ve struggled with [stress] for a few years now and while working out and eating better has helped, it still rears its ugly head sometimes. I’ve been using the daily gels and drops for a few months now and it’s actually worked really well for me. My body doesn’t jump straight into the fight or flight standoff every time I encounter a minorly stressful situation and I don’t feel nearly as frazzled when faced with a majorly stressful situation. I’m also sleeping much, much better than I have in a long time (even pre-baby).

Heather O.

Daily Softgels + Daily Drops

I started using Equilibiria’s CBD products to help combat [tension] and stress-related issues. My dad is the one who found Equilibria for me (referred by a friend). My grandmother also uses Equilibria’s products to treat neck pain. At first, my starting regiment was taking a softgel tablet (lowest dosage) after breakfast and then one dropper of the oil (lowest dosage) at night. At first, there was a noticeable, impressive difference, overtime that feeling never went away but it started to ween. After talking with a dosage specialist, I now take a softgel in the morning, a softgel after dinner, and one dropper before bed. Equilibria has great products and very helpful staff, it has been nothing but a great experience!

Nick S.

Daily Softgels + Daily Drops