CBD Oil Prices: How Much Should You Pay?

If you’ve ever found a cheap CBD product and thought to yourself, “who doesn’t love a good deal?!”, you might want to do your homework! Sometimes these “good deals” can leave much to be desired. The adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is especially true when it comes to CBD. With an endless amount of CBD products and variety available for purchase, easy to make, low-quality CBD products are unfortunately widespread across the cannabis market. These products can be enticing because of their low price, but they can come with significant risks due to their lack of quality assurance. Understanding the difference between price and value is key to understanding CBD oil prices and making the best investment in yourself. 


CBD oil prices: How much should you pay? 


Before purchasing CBD, consider essential factors like where the hemp was sourced and what type of farming practices were used. These clues can help you determine which CBD products have the most worth, and that starts with the plant itself. At this time, the FDA doesn’t regulate CBD manufacturing processes, so many CBD companies cut corners and fail to utilize proper quality measures with their products. These products can be contaminated with toxic substances, have inconsistent quality, and contain unnecessary additives that ultimately result in a lower quality product. 


Beyond that, there are quite a few companies offering CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD products, which offer significantly less therapeutic effects than full-spectrum CBD.


Full-spectrum CBD is much more powerful and contains a trace amount of THC along with all the plant-based compounds naturally occurring in the hemp plant. Collectively all those compounds work together synergistically to provide amplified benefits. This phenomenon is referred to as the “entourage effect.” The extra benefits provided by the entourage effect naturally gives you more value than a CBD isolate or broad-spectrum product because it allows you to experience the full range of benefits of CBD oil.


Price vs. Value

CBD oil prices: How much should you pay?Price is referred to as the cost of a product or service. Value is the total benefit obtained from a product or service. 


A lower CBD oil price doesn’t usually equate to a better deal. You might feel like the least expensive option is the way to go, but it’s possible you will experience little benefit and due to the potential for cheap, unsafe farming practices, that compromise quality and result in products with low-grade CBD levels and potency. On top of that, the next steps after making your purchase such as how to figure out how much to dose, how often to dose, the best product for your needs, and what to expect from the process… that’s a lot to handle all on your own!


Here at Equilibria, we are about upholding quality standards and providing our members with industry-best CBD products. That’s why Equilibria’s mission is focused on science-backed, premium quality CBD sourced directly from our partner farm. We are invested in the entire process from seed to processing to the CBD product that comes to your doorstep. And beyond that, we truly believe in order to set each of our members up for the best success on their CBD journey, providing education and support to guide each step of the way empowers and elevates your experience and results.


Equilibria Price

At Equilibria, we are working to help as many of our members as we can to find balance and feel their best selves. We not only offer dosage education and support to tailor your routine to your needs, but we go above and beyond to preserve the integrity of the hemp plant so you can access safe, reliable, and efficacious CBD products. We carefully consider every aspect of our CBD from the organic, hard-harvested farming practices to the type of extraction used to yield the best quality products. In fact, our products contain about three to five times the amount of cannabinoids and terpenes than most CBD products on the market and are being used in clinical trials across the country. Quality and helping you make the most of your CBD products are our top priorities! 


For our members, we offer a monthly subscription so you can get our premium CBD delivered to your door. It’s a great way to save money because it allows you to receive 25% off from the retail purchase price. Additionally, we offer bundle discounts to make top-quality CBD more accessible. If you order two products, you can receive an additional 15% off. If you purchase three products, you can receive a 25% discount. 


Equilibria Value

CBD oil prices: How much should you pay?Equilibria is committed to transparency, safety, and providing you with the most premium products, so you know exactly what you’re getting in your full-spectrum CBD. Our partner farm in Colorado follows rigorous measures to see to it that we offer our members pure, organic, full-spectrum CBD extract without any surprises. We harvest the flower portion of the plant by hand and test throughout the entire process to make sure there are no pesticides, toxins, metals, or other chemicals. Then we send our CBD to a third-party lab to verify the quality. 


The easier, cheaper route would be to harvest the entire plant, flower, stalk stem, roots, seeds and all! Not only does the stalk and stems absorb toxins and pesticides, this practice also waters down the potency of the product overall because the only therapeutic benefits we gain is from the flower, the bud of the plant! That’s why hand-harvesting is incredibly important with CBD. 


At Equilibria, we believe in providing a quality product as well as quality education. A 1:1 Wellness Coaching Session is always included when you make a purchase. Our Member Education Team provides you with support to educate you about your products and help you make adjustments to your dosage throughout the entire process. With Equilibria. you’re not only getting superior CBD products, but you’re also receiving guidance of support and personal cheerleaders to encourage you throughout your wellness journey!


It’s important to consider that the value when choosing Equilibria encompasses top-notch product as well as a specialized dosage service to empower you to make the most of your organic, full-spectrum CBD. No other company comes close to offering the same level of personalized support. We are passionate about serving our members and we aim to share science-backed information and work with you to curate your personal wellness routine. 


We’re here on this journey with you and want to celebrate your successes alongside you.  


If you’re invested in the best for your self-care, look no further than Equilibria. We provide single source, organic, full-spectrum CBD products with complete traceability and live education so you can experience the full benefits of CBD. We’d love to connect with you! Reach out to us at wellness@myeq.com with any questions or help with your routine.