Happiness, It’s A Science

What does it mean to be happy? Are happy people better off in life? These types of questions led researchers to start exploring the impact of happiness through a more scientific lens. Read more

Why Wellness?

Sick of being bombarded by “wellness” everywhere you turn? You’re not alone. BUT, before you write it off completely, we’re here to explain what it really is, and why you should care.  Read more
sexual health and sleep

Sexual Health and Sleep

When you think about all of the facets of your health and wellness that CBD can support, you may not be thinking about your sexual health. Women’s sexual health can be complex and is affected by a number of different contributing factors, including the amount and quality of sleep that you get. Fortunately, EQ is here to support women’s health with a holistic, science-based approach to wellness.  Read more
5 Ways to Better Your Sexual Health

5 Ways to Better Your Sexual Health

Sexual health does not have to be elusive, and is something you can work on any day of the week. Not sure where to start? Check out our health tips below to learn more about how you can improve your sexual health!  Read more
Why you should add CBD to your wellness routine

Why You Should Add CBD to Your Wellness Routine

Introducing CBD into your daily wellness habits can complement everything you’re already doing — and help make some of it even more effective.  Read more
Habit Stacking: How to Build Healthy Habits

Habit Stacking: How to build healthy habits

Here at Equilibria, we understand the importance of maintaining a regular routine, especially when it comes to CBD. If the hectic summer schedule has taken a toll on your routine, habit stacking may be a great way to get back into the swing of things! Read more
period cramps

Can CBD Ease Period Cramps?

Read more
CBD for PMS Relief: How It Can Help Ease Symptoms

CBD for Periods: How It Can Help Ease Symptoms

Having worked with over 100,000 members, we consistently hear that topical and ingestible CBD in tandem is the best way to address menstrual-related woes. However, it’s important to keep in mind that CBD is not used to treat underlying conditions. Read more
5 Simple Headache Hacks For Fast Relief

5 Simple Headache Hacks For Fast Relief

Almost everyone experiences headaches from time to time, and many of us have gotten into the habit of just popping a pill and hoping for the best, or even just trying to wait it out until the pain has passed. But there’s no need to suffer! Give these 5 tips a try. Read more
Quickly Reduce Stress With These 5 Easy Steps

Quickly Reduce Stress With These 5 Easy Steps

Having a go-to set of steps to take in order to minimize the effects of heightened stress can help you navigate your way through these times, helping you to return to a calm, well-balanced state of mind. Read more