Gut-Friendly Smoothie Recipes

Created by Jacqueline Jacques, EQ’s Chief Science Officer, these gut-friendly smoothie recipes all utilize Daily Nutri-Greens, and are oh-so-delicious!  Read more

The EQ Challenge: A 3-Day Reset for Your Gut, Body, and Mind

This 3-day challenge is a way for you to spend a few days refocusing on your body and taking care of your gut microbiome. So whether your goals are gut health, starting a healthier diet, reducing bloating, or recommitting to self care, anyone and everyone can benefit from this challenge! Read more

Daily Women’s Microbiome Defense Ingredient Deep Dive

Daily Women’s Microbiome Defense employs all-star ingredients like Pacran™ and a 5-strain probiotic blend to help give your digestive, urinary, and vaginal health the very best offense. Read more

What Is the Vaginal Microbiome, and How Can I Support It?

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Why Is a Balanced Microbiome So Important for Women?

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EQ Microbiome Primer

In this EQ Microbiome Primer, we’ll introduce strategies to help keep your body’s microbial environment healthy and thriving! Read more

Science 101: Microbiome

Welcome to the gut microbiome, the hidden powerhouse within us that’s not only shaping our digestion, but also wielding surprising influence over our health, immunity, and overall wellness. Read more

Daily Nutri-Greens Ingredient Deep Dive

Our greens are meant to support you when you want to ditch the nuisance of measuring, chopping and tracking your daily greens intake and exchange the hassle for an easy, delicious, sure-fire solution to getting your essential vitamins and minerals, on the daily. Read more

Science 101: Nutrition

Grab your fork and get ready to explore the universe of nutrition – where food isn’t just sustenance, but a delightful adventure for your body and soul!  Read more

Science 101: Pain & Understanding Our Body’s Alarm System

In this journey through the realms of neuroscience, we shall unravel the fascinating science behind our body’s alarm system, delving into the depths of the complexities that make us wince, cringe, and sigh with relief. Read more