Woman in bed reading with blanket

5 Ways to Curate Your Space for Fall

Fall is in the air, and we couldn’t be more excited. Cozy blankets? Big flannels? Pumpkins? Count us in! Creating a space you feel comfortable in from season to season is a great way to refresh your routine. If you’re looking to update your space this fall we have a few tips for you.  Read more
Pomegranate Blueberry Daily Gummies jar with fruit

Pomegranate Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

Not ready for summer to be over? Neither are we! That is why we came up with this juicy smoothie recipe inspired by our new Pomegranate Blueberry Daily Gummies. Perfectly sweet with a hint of tartness, this smoothie pairs perfectly with our CBD gummies so you start your morning off balance and ready to take on the day! Read more
Daily Softgels and Daily Drops on desk with journals

EQ University | The Importance of Daily Routine

By establishing a daily routine, you are able to take the uncertainty out of your day as well as form accountability, allowing you to plan in advance and make time for self-care moments. Read more
Woman holding Equilibria Daily Treatment Oil Bottle

Top 5 Hacks for using our CBD Face Oil

EQ’s Daily Treatment Oil is our multi-purpose, multi-benefit CBD face oil, with 500 mg of our premium full-spectrum CBD per bottle.. We asked our team members for their favorite hacks for using Daily Treatment Oil — you might find a new way to love this classic favorite! Read more
Chill Out With These CBD Pops

Chill Out With These CBD Pops

If you’re in need of a super chill summer snack, you’re in for a treat — pun intended! CBD popsicles are super easy to make thanks to our Drink Drops and are the ultimate treat for when you’re trying to take chill to the next level.  Read more
Top 5 Hacks for Using Our CBD Relief Cream

Top 5 Hacks for using our CBD Relief Balm

With premium full-spectrum CBD, arnica, and menthol, our Relief Balm is one of our most popular topical formulations. You may already love Relief Balm for sore muscles and aching joints, but did you know that this CBD relief cream can do so much more? Our team members offer up their favorite hacks for getting the most out of Relief Balm.  Read more
EQ's Ultimate Chill Girl Summer Playlist

EQ’s Ultimate Chill Girl Summer Playlist

August is here and while you’re putting the final checks on your summer bucket list, we’ve got the perfect playlist for you to listen to as your chill girl summer soundtrack.  Read more
Low-Sugar CBD Mocktails

Low-Sugar CBD Mocktails

Cool off and rehydrate with these low-sugar CBD mocktails that feel just like a summer breeze. Read more
Why you should add CBD to your wellness routine

Why You Should Add CBD to Your Wellness Routine

Introducing CBD into your daily wellness habits can complement everything you’re already doing — and help make some of it even more effective.  Read more
EQ’s Guide to Making the Most of Your Summer Fridays

EQ’s Guide to Making the Most of Your Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays on the brain? EQ has the ultimate guide to ensure you are making the most of your time off this summer! Read more