How to Find Your Happy – A Quickie Primer 😎

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Woman looking in mirror doing skincare routine

Fall Skincare Routine

Did you know that your skincare routine also needs extra nurturing in the fall? Read on for some of our top tips for glowing fall skin. Read more
CBD Tricks and Treats CBD Gummies

Our Favorite CBD Tricks & Treats

With spooky season upon us, you may be in search of some new tricks or treats this season to make adulting more enjoyable.  Read more
Fall Travel Tips

Fall Travel Tips

With milder weather and fewer crowds compared to summer, fall can be the perfect time to travel! We’ve got you covered with some of our favorite fall travel tips.  Read more
sexual health and sleep

Sexual Health and Sleep

When you think about all of the facets of your health and wellness that CBD can support, you may not be thinking about your sexual health. Women’s sexual health can be complex and is affected by a number of different contributing factors, including the amount and quality of sleep that you get. Fortunately, EQ is here to support women’s health with a holistic, science-based approach to wellness.  Read more
Woman sleeping with sleep mask

3 Tips to Fall Asleep Faster

We’re here to share some tips to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!  Read more
Woman in bed under covers Sleep Hacks

Our Team’s Favorite Sleep Hacks

Getting a good night’s rest is essential for every daily routine. But sometimes, falling asleep or staying asleep doesn’t come easily to everyone. Not to worry, the EQ team has you covered. We polled our team members and are sharing our favorite sleep hacks to get you the rest you deserve! Read more
Nourishing Body Oil on blanket

Top 5 Hacks for using our CBD Body Oil

Our team shares some of our favorite ways to use Nourishing Body Oil, and we know you’ll love them, too! Read more