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Functionals vs CBD: Beneficial Ingredients 101

We’ve put together a guide to help you understand the differences between CBD and other functional ingredients, so you’re best equipped to build the perfect routine for your body and your needs. Read more
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Creating Health Goals

Starting with a self-assessment is a great way to not only take an in-depth look at where you are currently, but also to refocus and boost your excitement for your future health goals while making a realistic plan to help you stay on track. Read more
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The Importance of Daily Routine

By establishing a daily routine, you are able to take the uncertainty out of your day as well as form accountability, allowing you to plan in advance and make time for self-care moments. Read more
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How to Self-Assess

Learning how to self-assess your own feelings can be an incredibly helpful tool for improving your quality of life. Not sure where to start? Follow our quick three-step guide below.  Read more
CBD: It’s What You Don’t Feel. CBD vs THC

CBD: It’s What You Don’t Feel

One common misconception of cannabinoids is that they all play a role in producing feelings, when in reality, some actually help to reduce feelings rather than incite them. The psychotropic cannabinoid THC, for example, creates the feeling of being “high,” while the non-psychotropic (i.e., won’t make you high) cannabinoid CBN, has reported sedative effects when combined with a full-spectrum formula. CBD, like CBN, is also non-psychotropic; but unlike CBN, the benefits of CBD are more easily identified in what you don’t feel. Read more
Daily Routine

How Our Certified Wellness Coaches Use Gummies In Their Daily Routine

From starting your morning with a balanced mood as you navigate a busy work schedule to relaxing at home as you enjoy your evening show, we believe your CBD routine can and should be enjoyable, effective, and delicious. Read more
Why You Should Take CBD Every Day

Why You Should Take CBD Every Day

If you’ve experienced stress, discomfort, or sleep challenges, you’ve no doubt heard about CBD. Over the past few years, CBD has seemingly popped up everywhere — and for good reason! Read more
5 Reasons You Should Use CBD Daily

5 Reasons You Should Use CBD Daily

Whether you’re new to the world of CBD or you’ve been around for a while, you’ve likely heard that it’s important to take CBD daily to achieve the best results. Here we break down why. Read more
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The Top 5 Benefits of CBD

If you’re new to CBD or just looking to learn more about it, you might wonder about the benefits of CBD, and Equilibria is here to help! Learn more about some of the most common benefits of CBD, how and why it works, and much more. Read more

CBD for Muscle Recovery: Here’s What You Should Know

It’s well-known that exercise should be a regular part of your daily routine, but did you know that Equilibria CBD can aid in helping you get the most out of your workout — before, during, and after?  Read more