CBD Oil vs Gummies: What’s The Difference?

The wide variety of CBD products available on the market is exciting for some, and overwhelming for others. You may be wondering what the difference is between CBD capsules and gummies, or CBD oil vs gummies. As Equilibria continues to expand our curated line of full-spectrum CBD products, our goal is to empower our members with education, giving them the knowledge and confidence to make decisions regarding their own personal wellness routine. Below, we present an in-depth breakdown of CBD oil vs gummies, how they compare, and which one might be the best fit for you. 


Since launching our Daily Gummies, our members have been keen to understand how they compare to other modalities. If you’re looking for a breakdown of similarities and differences between CBD edibles, like our Daily Gummies, and CBD capsules, like our Daily Softgels, we’ve got you covered here! However, if you’re looking to understand CBD oil vs gummies, you’ve come to the right place. 


CBD Oil vs Gummies: What’s The Difference?


What is CBD oil?

CBD Oil vs Gummies: What's The DifferenceCBD oils, like our Daily Drops, generally refer to a blend of hemp extract and a carrier oil. Here at Equilibria, we mix our premium, organic hemp flower extract with MCT oil, which is refined from coconut oil. MCT oil is widely considered a fantastic carrier oil because it can be easily absorbed by the body due to the molecular structure of its components, and readily binds to lipophilic (fat-soluble) CBD molecules to form a protective barrier through the absorption process.


The main difference between CBD edibles and CBD oils is that CBD oils are meant to be entirely absorbed under the tongue rather than swallowed. When properly absorbed, the CBD can directly enter the bloodstream, just like some of the CBD does when you chew an edible! This means that you can expect fast-acting results with CBD oils, since they are not processed in the digestive system; however, the duration of effects tends to be a bit shorter. In the case of our Daily Drops, members typically report an onset of 15-30 minutes, with effects lasting an average of 4-6 hours. 


What is a CBD Gummy?

CBD Gummies, like our Daily Gummies, offer both fast-acting and extended support, making them a “happy medium” in our range of products. They are chewed thoroughly before they are swallowed, which means that the CBD will absorb in two different ways. 


As you chew the gummy, some of that CBD will start to absorb through the mucosal membranes in your mouth, which allows the CBD to directly enter the bloodstream and become readily available for your body to use, quickly. In the case of our Daily Gummies, members typically report an onset between 30 minutes and one hour. 


Once the remainder of the gummy is swallowed, the CBD will continue to absorb as it makes its way through your digestive system and into the stomach. Generally, CBD is absorbed more slowly through the stomach than it is through the mucosal membranes in your mouth, which allows for longer-lasting support. On average, our members report that the Daily Gummies have effects lasting anywhere between 4 to 8 hours. 


What else should I know about CBD oil and CBD gummies?

CBD Oil vs Gummies: What's The DifferenceOne great feature of both the Daily Gummies and the Daily Drops is dynamic dosing. The Daily Gummies can be cut into small pieces, which makes them a great way to slowly increase your daily dose when adjusting the routine, or for going low and slow as you get started. The Daily Drops are dispensed by a pipette marked in 0.25mL increments (¼ droppers), so you can easily adjust the dose to slowly ease into or change your routine with this product too! 


Additionally, while we do recommend taking CBD capsules, like our Daily Softgels, with food, both our Daily Drops and Daily Gummies don’t necessarily need to be taken with food to be effective. This has to do with bioavailability, which is the percentage of CBD that can be absorbed from the total dose. 


When CBD is absorbed through the digestive system, it comes into contact with digestive enzymes that will start to break it down. CBD products that are processed entirely in the digestive system, like our Daily Softgels, are exposed to these enzymes for a significant amount of time; so in order to protect the CBD, we recommend pairing each dose with a healthy fat. While our Daily Gummies are also processed in part by the digestive system, they are formulated to absorb quickly and are infused with MCT oil, so the CBD is already protected and won’t be exposed to digestive enzymes for long.


The Daily Drops, and the CBD absorbed while chewing an edible, are not exposed to digestive enzymes, and therefore do not need an added layer of protection from food either. This makes both the Daily Gummies and the Daily Drops a great option for dosing when you don’t have food in your system!


CBD oil vs gummies: Which one should I choose?

Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all dose or routine that works across the board. We encourage you to get started with the products you’re most excited about, and you’ll always have the opportunity to work with a Certified Wellness Coach to further customize your products and routine once you get started! 


While many of our members choose to start with more than one product, starting with just one is great as well! If you’re having a tough time choosing between the Daily Drops and Daily Gummies, you can reference some of the most popular member considerations below: 


CBD Oil vs Gummies: What's The Difference


If you’re still not sure where to start, the Member Education team is here to help! You can always reach us by emailing wellness@myeq.com, or take our quiz to get recommended products and starting routines. Then, once you get started, we encourage you to begin journaling your response to track your progress over time! No matter where you start, or what you’re looking to address, the Member Support team will be here to help you navigate the world of CBD dosing, every step of the way.