How Much CBD Should I Take? A Beginners Guide

Here at Equilibria, we aim to take a personalized approach to wellness and create a tailor-made routine that works just for you. We believe that powerful results come when premium, organic ingredients are integrated into your daily wellness routine. But you might be wondering how much CBD should I take?


How Much CBD Should I Take? A Beginners Guide To Finding Your Starting Dose


Everybody Is Unique

how much cbd should i take beginners guide, what is cbd used for, how often should i take cbd oilLike your skincare routine or exercise regimen, CBD works best when personalized for your lifestyle. No one has the same body chemistry, so there’s no one-size-fits-all dosage either. Since everyone’s CBD dosing and frequency is different, how do you know what you need?


To get started on your CBD journey, we recommend taking our Get Started Quiz. This quiz will recommend products to address your specific health needs. Once you purchase, you’ll also have access to a personalized routine page that’s designed just for you!   


Your ideal CBD dose has a lot to do with the amount of stress and cortisol you’ve experienced in your lifetime. Ongoing issues like discomfort, stress, sleep problems over several years can cause our body to deplete its endocannabinoids, our body’s regulatory molecules. So folks who are under lots of daily stress or dealing with complex issues may need a larger CBD dose.  


Start Low And Go Slow

When asking yourself, “how much CBD should I take?”, remember to start low and go slow. This means starting with a low dosage of CBD and be slow to increase the dosage. The best results with CBD come with time, so it’s best not to rush into things. Think of your daily CBD dose as a marathon, not a sprint! 


Most Equilibria members start with a CBD daily dose of 20-30mg of CBD. This is a low dosage to get started and gives us a good starting point to gauge the effects in your body. At Equilibria, we want to empower our members to listen to their bodies and tune into the impact they’re experiencing. 


Signs that your CBD routine is heading in the right direction:


-You feel more energy when you wake up

-You’re feeling less reactive to stressful situations

-You are having an easier time winding down after work

-You are sleeping more soundly at night


CBD has what’s known as a biphasic response, meaning that if you take too little or too much CBD, your CBD likely won’t provide the effects you’re looking for. Therefore, it’s best to try to find your “sweet spot” dosage, which is the dosage where you’re seeing the benefits you’re looking for, without tipping over into feeling groggy or drowsy.  


For example, I like to start my day off with a 10mg Daily Gummy for stress support, then take a ½ dropper (5mg/0.5mL) of Daily Drops in the afternoon to help with focus and concentration. This is what I call my “sweet spot” dosage, and I know that the ½ dropper is the perfect amount for my afternoon routine. It took some time to find my dosage at first, though!  


I started #myEQ routine with 1 full dropper (10mg/1mL) in the morning and 1 full dropper (10mg/1mL) in the afternoon. While many folks can handle this dosage, I just noticed that I felt groggy for most of the day. My Certified Wellness Coach was Maia, our Senior Director of Member Education. She mentioned that I might have gone past my “sweet spot” dosage, and I might have better success with a small, micro-dose of CBD, like a ½ dropper (5mg/0.5mL) in the afternoon instead.  


Working with Maia as my Certified Wellness Coach was helpful because I could dial in my CBD routine and find the best dosage for me. Sometimes a tiny tweak in dosage or timing can make all the difference!


Meet With Your Certified Wellness Coach

how much cbd should i take beginners guide, what is cbd used for, how often should i take cbd oilOne unique quality about Equilibria is that we offer unlimited 1:1 support. So you’ll never be left alone or wondering what steps to take next. We strive to make daily wellness routines easy so that it easily fits into your day-to-day lifestyle. 


When you receive your initial box from Equilibria, you’ll receive an email about how to get started and begin using your products. We recommend following a starting routine for 5-7 days, then assess how your week is going. Are you making progress toward your health goal? Do you see any signs of slight, incremental improvement?


As Certified Wellness Coaches, we take our responsibility as educators very seriously. Equilibria has served over 100,000 women, and we love hearing how CBD has changed lives, given relief, and provided hope! If you’re not seeing signs of improvement or want to chat more in-depth about your routine or want to know your recommended dosage, we recommend scheduling a complimentary 1:1 Support Session. You can also check out our #myEQ Facebook Community to read more about how Equilibria has impacted folks from all across the country.  


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