Why CBD Won’t Make You Feel Drowsy During The Day

Equilibria specializes in a unique, personalized approach to wellness. We believe that the best wellness routine is one that is crafted specifically for you and with your unique health goals in mind. We’re one of the only wellness companies that offer continued dosage and product support throughout your wellness journey, so if you get stuck or have questions, our Certified Wellness Coaches are right here to help! 


One question that our Member Education Team hears a lot: Will CBD make me sleepy? 


Many folks are hesitant to begin a daily CBD routine because they’re envisioning that it will make them feel sleepy during the day or “too relaxed to get work done”.  We talk with women who are interested in CBD, but they have a concern that they’ll lose their edge if they take CBD during the day.  


Good news: CBD doesn’t inherently make you sleepy! CBD works alongside our natural circadian rhythms

Why CBD Won't Make You Feel Drowsy During The DayCBD works to support our own body — it does not inherently make you sleepy, but instead interacts with our own body’s chemistry and works alongside your natural wake-and-sleep cycles. If you take your CBD in the evening, as your body is priming itself for sleep, CBD can assist your body with winding down. Conversely, if CBD is taken in the morning when your body is in the process of waking up, it can assist in that process as well! Since it works with our body’s circadian rhythms, CBD can be used day or night.  


When starting CBD, we always recommend starting low and going slow with your routine. More CBD is not always better! Typically small doses are very effective, and most Equilibria members are on a dosage of 20-30mg of CBD daily. If at any point you find yourself groggy or tired at a time you’re normally not tired, that is often a sign that the dosage was too strong for you. Unsure of what dosage you need? You can always set up your Wellness Coaching Session by going to www.myeq.com/wellness and logging into your account. Then during your phone call, you and your Certified Wellness Coach can talk more about tweaking your routine to find a dose that works best for you!


Many women find a small dose of CBD is helpful for staying alert and focused

If you’re worried about taking CBD during the day — keep this in mind: the dosage really dictates your experience. For example, many folks find that small amounts of CBD (sometimes called a “micro-dose”) are helpful for staying focused, calm, and patient during the day, while a larger dose in the evening may be helpful for promoting rest and unwinding.  


If you’re someone who has our regular strength Daily Drops, then this is a great product that can be used day or night. Many women like to take small “micro-doses” of Drops during the day (like ½ dropper or 5mg CBD) and then use larger amounts of Drops at night (like 1 full dropper or 10mg CBD). 


Looking to use CBD during your busy day? We’ve got you covered

Since CBD doesn’t inherently make you sleepy, then what does it do? Why do people take CBD during the day? 


CBD works alongside our body’s main regulatory system called the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS for short. The ECS is responsible for so many of our body’s important functions, and it has a part in regulating our natural wake-and-sleep cycle. The ECS also plays a role in regulating our stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline and boosting our body’s own natural cannabinoids 2-AG and anandamide (often called our “Bliss Molecule”) so that we feel more balanced and less reactive to stress. The ECS manages every system in the body, everything from our endocrine system to our digestive system…even our immune system! You name it and our Endocannabinoid System regulates it.  


When you’re taking CBD, you’re supporting your ECS to help maintain homeostasis — or balance — across ALL systems of your body.  


When you’ve got your daytime CBD routine dialed in and working for you, you might notice these effects:

— Having more energy when you wake up 

— Feeling more focused throughout the day

— Noticing that you’re less reactive to stressful situations

— Able to check things off your to-do list without feeling frantic

— Feeling more balanced with your daily moods

— Having a less dramatic menstrual cycle (fewer cramps, bloating, etc.) 


During Wellness Coaching Sessions with Equilibria members, I often hear women say:

“Now that I’m using CBD, I feel so much more patient throughout my day!”


“I’m able to focus while I’m working from home — I don’t feel so scattered”.  


We hear from our members that CBD can be a game-changer for staying calm and balanced during the day without feeling tired or “high”. There are many reasons women use CBD during the day, and Equilibria products can be tailored to fit into your personalized routine.  


Here are a few products that you might like for daytime use:

Why CBD Won't Make You Feel Drowsy During The DayDaily Softgels (10mg)

The Softgels are swallowed whole and work best alongside a meal or a snack that contains a healthy fat so that the CBD can have something to bind to. It takes 1-3 hours for a Softgel to kick in, but then it begins to work its magic. 


The Softgels are a great behind-the-scenes, subtle way to use CBD during the daytime and slowly release up to 8 hours. Many women think of them as their preventative supplement to stay calm and focused, no matter what the day throws at them.  


This is also a great product for folks who want their CBD to work all day long and don’t have time to take another CBD dose mid-day.  Many teachers, businesswomen, and stay-at-home moms find that the Softgels are great for extended stress support throughout their busy day!   


Daily Drops (10mg/1mL)

The Daily Drops are a favorite daytime CBD product because you can choose the exact amount of CBD you want! The Daily Drops can be taken with or without food — so for many busy women, this is a nice, versatile way to use CBD anytime! Daily Drops kick in within 10-30 minutes and the effects last 4-6 hours. Whenever you’re taking the Daily Drops, be sure to hold the oil under your tongue for about a minute, that way the CBD can sink in through your sublingual glands.  


Many women like to schedule in a ½ dropper dose (or 5mg CBD/0.5mL) during their busiest time of the day.  Some women like to take their ½ dropper “micro-dose” in the afternoon when their focus is waning and projects still need to be accomplished. I personally like to take a small ½ dropper dose around 2 pm instead of reaching for another cup of coffee! I find that it helps me center myself and calmly prioritize what needs to be done next. Others like to take their ½ dropper dose after work, to ease the transition from work-life to home-life or to make their evening commute less stressful. Many moms find that a small micro-dose is a game-changer for the “witching hour” around dinner time when the kids are coming home and starting on their evening homework.  


Rapid Calming Melts (5mg)

The Rapid Calming Melts are our newest addition to the Equilibria product line — and we’ve heard rave reviews from our members. Rapid Calming Melts feature a patent-pending mucosal binding technology that allows 95% of the CBD to be absorbed through your sublingual glands, this means that they can really pack a punch! To use your Rapid Calming Melts, take a sip of water & swallow, then place your Calming Melt under your tongue to dissolve. Do not crush, swallow, or chew — the tablet will quickly dissolve on its own and the effects kick in within 10 minutes and last 3-6 hours. 


Keep in mind that the Rapid Calming Melts are meant to be an add-on to your existing routine. We still recommend using your Daily Drops and Daily Softgels to manage the bulk of your stress, but then you can use the Rapid Calming Melts for those days where stress is spiking and you need some serious relief.  


I like that these Melts are so discreet. We often hear from our members that they’re a perfect product to keep in your purse or to keep at your desk. If I have a big Zoom meeting or presentation coming up, and I’m feeling really jittery or overwhelmed with stage fright, then I can sneak a Rapid Calming Melt under my tongue, and no one notices a thing! It helps me not get overwhelmed with presentations, that way I can just move on and finish my day with clear-headed energy. This is a powerful daytime product. 


Focused and Balanced

If you’re someone who is new to CBD or you’ve only used CBD at night — consider taking a CBD dose during the daytime! We often hear that folks who use CBD during the day are able to handle stress, feel balance and patience, and feel more focused on getting things done on their to-do list. We recommend starting with a small dose like a 10mg Softgel with breakfast or a small “micro-dose” like ½ dropper of Daily Drops.  


To learn more about using CBD to regulate your sleep patterns, check out our other blog post How to Use CBD to Aid Sleep.


Not sure where to begin your CBD routine?

Click here and you can take our personalization quiz to help you get started. You have access to our Member Education Team, who will work with you to find your ideal routine, customized to you, your lifestyle, and the CBD benefits you’re looking for. Consult with your Certified Wellness Coach at any time you feel your routine might need an adjustment; we’re here to answer your questions and help you find the dosage and delivery methods that’ll work best for you.