Why Full Spectrum CBD?

Whether you’re a CBD veteran or new to the party, finding the right dose and product for you can be a long and confusing process. With new companies entering the market every day, there are tons of options that promise the same results: better quality of rest, increased focus, sustainable stress management, you name it. But how do you know which products will actually perform? 


Why Full Spectrum CBD and is it right for you?


Why Full Spectrum CBD?Within the world of CBD, products can be categorized into three groups: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate. At Equilibria, we offer a Full Spectrum product, which means the power of the entire hemp plant is neatly packaged into your little white, gold, and black containers.


While Full Spectrum CBD is not for everyone, science shows that this type of formulation is often the most effective at the lowest doses; and here at Equilibria, science is the name of the game. 


Entourage Effect

Although there is still lots of work to be done in the realm of CBD/cannabis research, one thing we do know is that CBD is most efficacious when it is participating in the Entourage Effect. The easiest way to understand the Entourage Effect is to imagine your CBD as a participant in a team sport- let’s say soccer. 


In order to win a soccer game, not only do you need to score goals. But you need to keep the other team from scoring as well. CBD working alone would be like fielding your team with just a goalie. With lots of effort, surely the goalie could keep the other team from scoring. But that goalie will be hard-pressed to score their own goals and bring home a win. It can just be too overwhelming to try and do both well!


Now, when that goalie has team members, not only will protecting the goal become much easier for each individual through shared work, but it will also increase the team’s chances of scoring a goal too! The Entourage Effect put simply, is like having team members. The more hands-on-deck we have to work toward a common goal, the better! When CBD has the other components of the hemp plant there to help it out, its job as team leader becomes a lot more productive.


Let’s Compare…

Why Full Spectrum CBD?Isolate CBD products only have CBD. So there are no helpers around to give CBD the boost it needs to work its best. Since CBD is working alone, many people need higher doses to accomplish their health goals than they would need with a product that keeps the teammates around. This is typically where we see higher potency doses, reaching up to 3000-5000mg and beyond. The reason for this is simple. There are no teammates to help, so the formula needs MUCH more CBD for it to be effective.


While Broad Spectrum products do include some of CBD’s teammates, they are missing one key component. And that component is THC. Full Spectrum products, on the other hand, keep THC in the formula. Albeit in teeny tiny amounts (each of our products contains <<0.3% THC, which means it won’t get you high and it’s federally legal).


A good Full Spectrum product utilizes even the smallest amounts of THC. Because we know that THC is the greatest sidekick CBD can find.


While the other cannabinoids (CBD and THC are just two of a plethora of therapeutic compounds synthesized by the hemp plant) and terpenes (essential oils of the plant) play a key role in boosting the efficacy of CBD, THC is our top scorer and largely contributes to how well the team performs as a whole. Molecularly, it helps direct CBD to participate in the proper chemical interactions that eventually lead to therapeutic results. Without it, you’ll need more CBD to ensure enough of those necessary interactions take place. 


If you’ve done your research, you’ll notice that our products come in relatively low doses. On average, our members are taking around 20-30mg of CBD a day. Which is significantly lower than you typically see with either Broad Spectrum or Isolate products.


If you’re looking for the lowest possible dose you can use to achieve therapeutic benefits, Full Spectrum CBD may be the right formula for you. 


The Equilibria Difference

Why you should take CBD everydayAlong with producing a Full Spectrum product, you can also be sure that your Equilibria CBD will always be non-GMO, gluten and dairy-free, single-sourced, and free of pesticides and heavy metal solvents. Single-sourced is the term most people are unfamiliar with when it comes to the production of CBD. But whenever you are in the market for a CBD product it is one of the most important things you can look for. 


Having a single-sourced CBD product means we know where that CBD comes from. And at Equilibria, we take it a step further. Our CBD is extracted only from the flowers of organic hemp plants, the highest source of therapeutic compounds. No white labeling, no stems, and seeds, no harmful additives or questionable extraction processes. We have our own 1,100-acre farm in Colorado. So we can guarantee quality and consistency at every step in the production process. 



Still unsure if our Full Spectrum CBD is the right fit, or how to use it properly? Well, you’re in luck! We have a team of Certified Wellness Coaches ready to answer your questions and help craft a routine that both addresses your health goals and fits your lifestyle. From advising on which products to get and how to use them to best suit your needs, we’ve got you covered; all you need to do now is take the leap and let your Full Spectrum teammates help restore balance to your life.