Why Isn’t CBD Working For Me…But It’s Working For My Friend?

The world of CBD has officially taken off in 2020. The stage was already set for CBD to be a huge market this year — then add in the extreme stress of the pandemic coupled with many folks working from home or homeschooling — and you see a huge need for products that facilitate self-care and balance.  


We’re all under a lot of pressure, no matter how you slice it — and here at Equilibria, our mission is to bring strength and balance to women all across the country through our premium, organic CBD products.


Why Isn’t CBD Working For Me…But It’s Working For My Friend?


We’ve seen a huge influx of folks turning to CBD. And it’s the job of our Member Education Team to make their CBD journey comfortable and answer questions along the way. We offer unlimited wellness support via email + a 30-minute phone call with a Certified Wellness Coach when you purchase any product.  


We truly want to help support folks as much as we can this year — women especially. I talk with women who are truly doing it all: they’re working from home or homeschooling their kids; they are handling doctor visits and Covid tests in the cold; they’re making sure their friends and family are cared for…the list goes on and on.  


And when we’re under such constant, extreme stress — that stress can take its toll on our body. 


You might be noticing more stress in your own life:  


  • Maybe you get an afternoon headache from working on your laptop so much during the day
  • Maybe you notice that by evening time, you’re feeling irritable and exhausted. And snap at your family or loved ones
  • Maybe you notice that you can’t fall asleep easily — your mind is just going a thousand miles a minute and keeps planning what needs to be done the next day
  • Maybe you can fall asleep (because you’re exhausted), but you get up at 3 am and just can’t go back to sleep


Why Isn't CBD Working For Me

Do any of these sound familiar?  If this sounds like you, it might be worth considering a consistent CBD routine. And our team of Certified Wellness Coaches is here to help. When you combine CBD with a healthy lifestyle, people often report that many of these issues are alleviated. We talk with Members every day who say that Equilibria has changed their life and made 2020 more bearable for them.  


Women who are able to stay focused and calm during their busy day. People who find that CBD makes them feel “not so snappy and irritated”. Folks who can finally get a good night’s rest.  


But what about people who try CBD and don’t get their desired results? What’s the deal if CBD doesn’t seem to work for you? Does that mean CBD just isn’t your thing?


This is a question we get asked often — and we’re glad you asked! CBD takes time to build up in the body and show its effects. When we’re talking with our members, we often get asked “When will CBD start working for me? I’ve tried it for a couple of nights and nothing has happened”. If this sounds like you, don’t stress! 


This is a marathon, not a sprint!

It’s very normal for CBD to take a few weeks to show its effects. So if you’ve been trying CBD for about a week and aren’t seeing what you want, that’s OK! We typically recommend trying your CBD products for the first 5-7 days with the starting instructions. Then meet with your Certified Wellness Coach to talk about your experience so far and make any changes. If you’re not seeing your desired results with CBD, oftentimes the missing ingredient is more time.  


Here at Equilibria, we’ve talked with thousands of women and have metrics to track when these desired results typically show up. When do people start to notice a better quality of rest?  When do people report feeling more calm and balanced? And when do people notice their physical discomfort has reduced?  


Why Isn't CBD Working For MeFrom my phone calls with our Members, I notice that many women start to see their desired results around Week 3 or 4 when they’ve been consistently using CBD for a little while. This gives the CBD plenty of time to build up and begin its balancing actions. We tell our Members that while you might see your desired results quickly, we often see the full picture with CBD around 3 months of consistent use — so consistency is key!  Try to take your CBD daily for the best results — typically CBD just works better the more consistently you take it.  

Did you know that you make a compound almost exactly like CBD in your body?

All mammals do!  This compound is called an “Endo-cannabinoid”, meaning that it’s made “within the body”.  This is the most fascinating part about CBD to me. It works alongside this system called the “Endocannabinoid System” (or the ECS for short). 


The Endocannabinoid System is our main regulatory system whose job is to maintain balance across every other system in the body. It manages everything from our stress response, our immune response, our wake-and-sleep cycle, even our hormones, and our menstrual cycle! All of these important systems are managed by this larger system called the Endocannabinoid System.  


The problem is — the Endocannabinoid System can be damaged by stress and exposure to Cortisol, the stress hormone. We can deplete our body’s endocannabinoids so that there aren’t enough left to do their balancing work!  


When our Endocannabinoid System becomes depleted, this is when we start to notice physical effects of stress on our body: feeling stressed and overwhelmed during the day, not getting good quality rest, dealing with issues like stomach aches, headaches, or sore joints…the list goes on.    


Phyto-cannabinoidEnter CBD 🙂

CBD is considered a “Phyto-cannabinoid”, meaning that it’s from a plant. The good news is: when you take CBD, your body treats it like an Endo-cannabinoid and allows it to be used by the Endocannabinoid System.  Now your body can get out of survival mode and begin balancing out its systems again!   


CBD’s role here is to fill in the gaps — to be used by the Endocannabinoid System to balance out whatever system is in the most need of repair. If you and 5 friends all start taking CBD on the same day, you all might start to notice different effects, depending on what system needs balancing out the most.  


You might start to notice that you aren’t triggered so easily and have a “longer fuse” for dealing with stress, while your friend might notice that her headaches are going away.  And another friend may report that her periods are more manageable. While another friend may find that her aches have vanished.  Why such varying results? 


The variance is due to the fact that we all have unique bodies, unique Endocannabinoid Systems — and different systems in need of repair!  


It’s very common for us to talk with women who buy CBD for one reason (maybe to feel calmer at work or get better rest at night) — and then find that another benefit shows up later down the road!  This makes sense when you consider that the Endocannabinoid System is our main balancing system. And with a consistent CBD regimen, it’s able to balance out more systems in our body.  


If you’ve tried CBD in the past and felt it just didn’t work for you — we’ve love to talk with you and help you through the process. CBD is very nuanced, and often the smallest changes can add up to be a big effect. Oftentimes it helps just to have someone guide you along the way!


That’s why we have a team of trained Certified Wellness Coaches and a team of on-staff pharmacists ready to help — we want to make CBD easy for you. We want you to be another CBD success story.  


How can we help you achieve strength & balance in 2020 and beyond? 


Message us at wellness@myeq.com and see our suite of premium CBD products at www.myeq.com.  Not sure where to start? Message us anytime — we offer unlimited wellness support.