Meet Our Newest CBD Oil Flavor: Winter Citrus

Soothe the senses with NEW Limited Edition Winter Citrus Daily Drops: warm, spiced, and complex, our newest CBD oil flavor captures the essence of winter with a blend of ripe orange and bright cranberry flavors, paired with cinnamon and clove spices.


Our newest CBD oil flavor is here! Meet Winter Citrus Daily Drops


Flavored CBD oil pairings we love

Our newest flavored CBD oil is here! Meet Winter Citrus Daily DropsStart your day with a warm cup of coffee paired with apple cinnamon oatmeal and one full dropper of your Winter Citrus Drops. Or, unwind after a long day with a full dropper of your Winter Citrus Drops and a cup of hot tea paired with your favorite seasonal treat!




With activated full spectrum hemp flower oil CBD concentrate, MCT oil, and natural flavoring, our new CBD oil flavor features the same formula you know and love with added natural flavors. The result is a fruity, nostalgic, and flavorful experience you’ll look forward to throughout the season. 


Instructions for use

Our newest flavored CBD oil is here! Meet Winter Citrus Daily DropsPerfect for targeted, fast-acting results. Use Daily Drops to help increase a sense of calm and balance in the face of day-to-day stress.


  • Start with one full dropper (10mg/1mL) every evening. Hold under your tongue for 60 seconds, then swallow.
  • Wait 15 minutes. If you don’t feel any effect, take another full dropper.
  • Repeat routine daily. Schedule your wellness consultation for 5-7 days later to further personalize your dose!


Pro tip: Members love taking oil drops before bed to increase relaxation, and during the day to promote focus and decrease tension. Take Daily Drops right after a meal for increased efficacy.


Ready to cozy up with Winter Citrus Drops? Grab our limited-edition CBD oil flavor while supplies last. To gain access to our exclusive Member Education team, simply purchase any Equilibria item. If you’re already a member, you can book an appointment through your account. Not yet a member, but still have questions? Contact us anytime and we will do our best to answer them. Plus, you can always check out our FAQ page for more information and support.