EQ Team Spotlight: Jordan D.

In our EQ Team Spotlight, meet the faces behind your favorite CBD! Today, we’re featuring Jordan D., the CFO & COO here at Equilibria!


What is your background and what drew you to EQ?

As a direct-to-consumer e-commerce specialist in Chicago, I knew Coco Meers through business connections and was aware of Equilibria’s initial successes. We also share many of the same charitable interests, so I often ran into her at events in Chicago. Funny enough, we used to only live a few blocks away from each other.


After getting to know the team, I was immediately interested in investing in and working with Equilibria. Not only are the co-founders dynamic, the fact that this company was an early entrant into a nascent market , also seemed like an exciting challenge. I also loved the thoughtful subscription model with a focus on education and support, which meets our members right where she needs us in her CBD journey.


The personal connection meshed with the exciting, challenging opportunities of Equilibria made becoming the CFO & COO an easy one!


What is your favorite weekly meeting? 

Our Weekly Business Review Meeting on Monday mornings is my favorite meeting. Why? Well, it’s one of the few times our whole team is together. 


Additionally, in preparation for this meeting, I prepare numerous charts and graphs as a way to visualize the impact we are making on our members and community on a weekly basis and how we are performing and serving our members. I find the process for preparing for this meeting is invaluable and allows me to be very close to the data that makes our company tick.


If you had to describe working for Equilibria in three words, what would they be?

Fast-paced, collaborative, positive


What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

When the team prepares for months for a big product launch and all of our efforts pay off. For example, launching a new product takes so much cross-functional effort that is hard to see until it all comes together.  All of the different strategies and the teams coming together and producing something amazing is really fulfilling.


What is your #myEQ

I love using the Rapid Calming Melts to set myself up for a smooth transition between work and wind-down time. Additionally, our Relief Balm is perfect for hands, and since I do plenty of typing every day I find myself reaching for it often.