International Women’s Day 2024: A Letter from Our Founder

As I write this letter, I am overcome with gratitude for the hundreds of thousands of women who have supported Equilibria along our journey.  Our mission of wellness for women matters, and what better day than International Women’s Day to reflect on how far we’ve come as an organization, community, and women’s health industry. 


For Women, By Women – Always


Equilibria was founded 5 years ago (almost to the day!) to demystify and democratize hemp-based CBD routines for women. Despite humans having used cannabis as medicine for millennia, we knew women had major questions and hesitations about CBD for wellness.  Because my Co-Founder and I each experienced life-changing relief from daily stressors including chronic illness and the overwhelm of our life stage, we set out to support ALL women everywhere as they navigated this incredibly effective plant-based therapy. 


In more recent years, we have leveraged our dedication to premium natural ingredients and 1:1 support in an expanded set of offerings for our incredible community.  Our members were seeking answers in foundational wellness areas such as Sleep Science, Nutrient Status, Gut Health, and Hormone Balance, and we are proud to empower women with highly effective functional wellness routines in all of these foundational wellness pillars – in just 5 years, we have shipped over 1 million natural products and held space for tens of thousands of 1:1 holistic conversations with our incredible Wellness Coaching team.


We have made it our mission to dedicate this company to helping the women who rule the world feel their best, and we’re just getting started.  


Why this Work Matters


When we work together to prioritize women’s well-being, great things happen for our communities, the health & wellness industry, and even the broader economy.  


Women Hold up Communities


From caring for aging parents to raising young children to spinning countless plates in our professional and civic lives, women can find it difficult to prioritize self-care. By flipping the script and practicing a “your mask on first” prioritization of women’s wellness, the pillars of our communities grow stronger and more vital.


Women’s Bodies are Overlooked & Understudied


We are NOT little men!  With fundamentally different physiological systems, our bodies deserve dedicated testing for emerging pharmaceutical and nutraceutical solutions, but for decades, the healthcare industry has been dominated by men as R&D leaders, corporate stakeholders, and clinical testing respondents. With Product R&D and wellness coaching plans focused exclusively on women, we are able to deliver long-term, life-changing results that are entirely suited to HER needs.


Female-Founded and Focused Companies are Still Under-Capitalized


In a world where only 2-3% of venture capital is deployed against women founders (often the best-suited to advancing solutions for women), it’s no wonder that vast parts of the innovation economy simply gloss over women’s health.  We are honored to be a part of a rising tide of modern Women’s Health organizations that are using data, rigorous product and ingredient testing, and digital journey accompaniments to make wellness, well, better for women!  As an all female team with majority female directors and investors, we’re committed to an equitable future for all.


Together, We Function BETTER!


“Using Equilibria has been a game changer for me. There is an ease now with how I go through each day – an overall calmness about me. Thank you.” – Cheryl 

“Everything that Equilibria puts out is effective and high-quality. I love this company!” – Rachel 

“… what makes Equilibria even better is that they are by-women, for-women. It makes me feel like I’m truly a part of something important.” – Diane

Thank You!

Thank you so much for being on this journey with us for over 5 years – there is still so much in store, and we couldn’t have done it without you.


– Coco Meers, CEO and Co-founder