Us vs Them: Why Equilibria Rises Above Ordinary CBD Brands

CBD has exploded onto the market in the last several years – from oils and ingestibles, to makeup, food, and beer menus, even pet care products! And while it’s an exciting step toward the future to see CBD in the mainstream, it also moves consumers to ask some sensible questions: “Is all CBD alike?”, “Does quality matter?”, “Which CBD do I choose?” When it comes to CBD, no two formulas are created equal, but one thing IS for certain – quality matters. And providing safe, effective, quality CBD is a huge part of our mission at Equilibria. 


Why Equilibria rises above other CBD brands


Why Does Quality Matter?

If your favorite CBD brand isn’t telling you where their CBD is from — there’s probably a reason for that! Ideally, CBD companies will provide information on the quality, testing profiles, and source of their CBD to demonstrate they are providing a reliable, therapeutic product. However, in response to growing consumer demand, many companies choose to compromise their formulas – to the point that your product may not even contain CBD! While CBD is federally legal, the industry remains a largely unregulated market in the current legislative climate. This is why it’s important to find a reputable vendor for your CBD. If you just buy it at a gas station, or a company that hides the backend process, you have no idea where it came from initially or what you’re putting into your body. The impact goes far beyond health consciousness – it can actually be dangerous to consume a product whose source can’t be traced.


It’s also a very common practice in the CBD industry to source bulk CBD from overseas or buy it from several farms, and then mix them all together in one big batch.  This also causes alarm with no way to track its purity or potency when it’s mixed together like that! The effects may vary from batch to batch, too – so your results (if you have any!) will be inconsistent as well.  Each harvest could produce a different effect, maybe making you sleepy with one batch and alert with the next batch. You want CBD that is grown consistently, with cutting-edge organic farming practices, and you want to be able to trace your product back to the farm it was grown on.


Us vs Them: Why Equilibria Rises Above Ordinary CBD Brands


Why is Equilibria’s premium CBD different from the rest?

At Equilibria, we are pretty much obsessed with providing the highest-quality, premium, organic CBD you can buy, and we are completely transparent when it comes to sharing what we put into our products — that’s because we are so proud of what goes into every drop!


This is an important part of our story – Equilibria is involved in the growing practices at every step – from the moment the hemp seeds get planted, all the way to the end when the CBD is extracted and bottled up. We focus on the following key areas to deliver on the promise of our quality, consistent CBD formula: 



Us vs Them: Why Equilibria Rises Above Ordinary CBD BrandsWe are here to support and empower women in their wellness journeys – and using safe, clean ingredients is key to supporting your health! You read labels on your food, are conscious of chemicals in your household cleaners, and double-check your makeup formulas – your CBD should be no exception to the valued standards you hold for your products!


The cannabis (hemp-derived) plant is a phytoremediator – this means that whatever is in the soil, the plant will actually ‘vacuum’ any impurities such as toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals from the soil and groundwater. Cannabis is often specifically used in agriculture as a phytoremediator to ‘clean’ farming fields. This ‘dirty’ cannabis is then often sold on the black market and used by companies to make CBD (to cut on costs). So if the soil that holds the cannabis is full of chemicals, pesticides, solvents — guess what ends up in your product? 


Lab tests are sometimes called a “Certificate of Analysis” or COA — which means that the product went through testing by a 3rd party to double-check for pesticides, mold, and contaminants. Equilibria values transparency, so our COA’s are always available right on EQ’s website. Equilibria is proud of our top-notch harvesting practices and is always tested by a 3rd-party lab to verify that each bottle contains the amount of CBD that is on the label. You can click here to see a list of EQ lab results. If you’re shopping for CBD on a website and they don’t have any lab results, that should raise a red flag for you. 


All of our products are formulated with you in mind- so our commitment to organic, quality ingredients goes far beyond just our CBD! We use the best of the best and focus on natural ingredients such as shea butter, MCT and coconut oil, essential oils, and organic sweet almond oil to name a few! 



All our full-spectrum CBD products are free of GMOs,  solvents, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) — we want to bottle up nature’s organic gift, not add a bunch of chemicals to counteract the good stuff! Our ingredients are always front and center on our label. There are no questionable farming practices or unknowns since our premium CBD is fully traceable from our 1,100-acre partner farm in Colorado to your doorstep.


Us vs Them: Why Equilibria Rises Above Ordinary CBD Brands PROPRIETARY GENETICS

At Equilibria we use the power of bioscience and proprietary genetics to innovate how we GROW our own cannabis! Our single-sourced, organic hemp is grown by our bioscience team with 30+ years of experience in seed genetics, our specially-formulated hemp oil features 5-7 times the cannabinoid and terpene content than most products on the market.  These cannabinoids and terpenes work together to give you powerful therapeutic results!



Your CBD is either from flower or it’s not! Equilibria’s CBD oil only comes from our hemp flowers, hand-picked from our very own partner farm – this is one of our secrets to the superior quality, potency, and consistency of our CBD. 


Why does this matter? It all comes down to bioscience! The purest source of phytocannabinoids and terpenes that give CBD its therapeutic properties are in the hemp plant’s flower itself -we hand harvest our plants so that you’re only getting the most potent part of the hemp plant: the flower!  We never use stems, leaves, or seeds that many other companies toss into their formulas- which increases yield, but vastly decreases the therapeutic quality and potency (which means less CBD!) of the final product.  



The methodology used to extract CBD from the cannabis plant has big impacts on the quality as well! Our commitment to technology and quality extends even into how we extract our CBD! Our advanced oil extraction process uses subcritical C02, which is much gentler and preserves the delicacy of the hemp flower during extraction to preserve potency. Many other companies use inferior extraction methods involving solvents such as ethanol alcohol, butane, and propane, which are used to de-wax or extract the oils. This can damage or denature the product, making it unfit for consumption. Our CO2 extraction process removes the need for harsh chemicals and even better preserves the terpenes and phytocannabinoids (aka the good stuff that gives CBD its wellness properties!).



That’s easy – our mission! Not only are we beyond passionate about CBD and the future of cannabis- the reason we all are here is because of you! We believe in more than a product, we believe in helping, empowering, and serving women! That’s why we go to the next level by providing cannabis education and support to each of our valued members. We are here as your CBD community – to help you learn, grow, and feel confident on your CBD journey! As always, EQ offers a complimentary Wellness Coaching Session with every purchase. No up-selling, just education and personalization of your routine to suit your unique needs. That’s the EQ Member Education promise!


With CBD, you want a product that consistently delivers amazing results, bottle after bottle – and Equilibria has achieved just that! We rely on science – methodology matters, as does our research, best practices, and our ethical duty to uphold our high standards of premium CBD and meet the expectations of our valued members. 


At EQ, we know quality matters. We believe service matters. And women deserve a CBD brand that they trust to deliver all of the above!


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