CBD: It’s Personal

You have your own workout plan built by your trainer, and your diet created by your nutritionist, but is your CBD routine designed by the experts?  


You are a one-of-a-kind woman. Your body chemistry, wellness goals, lifestyle, and preferences require consideration and attention as you begin your CBD journey.


Why a personalized CBD routine is so important


The Process

CBD: It's PersonalYour CBD routine ultimately touches on all aspects of your well-being and deserves the same attention given to the rest of your wellness routines! Let’s dive into why this personalization is paramount to the success of your CBD routine!


Your body has a master regulatory system called the Endocannabinoid System; or ECS for short. The job of this master system is to maintain balance across all your body’s other systems, including your sleep, mood, hormones, digestion, and discomfort, among others. 


The stressors that you face and the way your body handles that stress directly impacts the health of your ECS. As you might assume, no two people face the same exact stressors throughout their lives, nor do their bodies manage it in the same exact ways. This is what makes your ECS unique – and being a unique system, it requires a customized approach. 


When you begin taking CBD, you’re augmenting your endocannabinoids with phytocannabinoids, as in cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. On a molecular level, these phytocannabinoids mirror what our bodies already naturally produce. They take action on receptors throughout the ECS, and ultimately allow your own body to rebalance. Ultimately, when you take CBD you’re supporting the healing process of the ECS and in turn, the regulation of your body systems!


The life-changing results of a personalized routine

The difference between a personalized routine and a generalized routine is the difference between hitting the dartboard and hitting the bullseye. Your personalized routine will factor in each area of wellness mentioned above. It will meet you where you are and support you on your journey to where you want to be.


CBD is an incredibly versatile tool – this is one of the reasons you may come across so many different routines utilizing the same products. But the missing factor is YOU. You may be able to search for general routine recommendations for those who deal with stress, but those recommendations are not factoring in your lifestyle, current state of wellness, additional wellness goals, or the state of your ECS. This is where a personalized routine shines. It allows you to hone in on what matters most to you and mold a routine based on your unique needs.


As Certified Wellness Coaches, we mindfully craft unique routines for each individual that we work with. This often brings faster and more impactful results – which is the reason you started your CBD journey in the first place!


EQ’s place in your personalized routine

CBD: It's PersonalHere at Equilibria, we offer innovative ways to customize your CBD routine. We are thrilled to introduce our mindfully crafted personalization quiz which is a fantastic place to start! From there, once you’ve decided on which products you feel suit your lifestyle, goals, and needs best, our incredible team of Certified Wellness Coaches are here to work with you to further customize your CBD routine. Our Members are never alone- We make sure that you are supported and empowered every step of the way as we navigate this journey together! 


Where to start

Not sure where to start on your CBD journey? We know it can be intimidating, so let’s walk through each step!


Your first step is to take our personalization quiz! It can be found here! After you’ve found your product, simply place your order and we will take it from there! You will receive a check-in email detailing what to expect as you start your new routine. After you’ve spent some time with this new routine (5-7 days), we recommend booking your complimentary consultation with a Certified Wellness Coach! Any further customization, troubleshooting, and questions will be talked through on this call. Our Certified Wellness Coaches are here to listen and educate. Let’s build a healthy, balanced routine — together.


Our Certified Wellness Coaches are also more than happy to answer any questions you may have via email. Simply send them over to wellness@myeq.com.