Equilibria Turns Two: Where We Started vs Where We Are Now

This week we celebrate 2 years since Equilibria started its journey to bring balance to women everywhere. We couldn’t be more grateful to be part of your wellness routine and want to thank YOU for your continued support and trust in us over the years. To commemorate, we’re going back to the start of it all – what inspired the launch of Equilibria straight from our founders, milestones throughout the last two years, and what’s to come going into year three.


How it started

With already having a positive personal experience with CBD, our co-founder, and CPO, Marcy Capron-Vermillion was curious to learn everything possible about the powerful and complex plant. Eventually she was leading workshops and 1:1 sessions on the medicinal potential of cannabis for women.


“After a year of collecting women’s cannabis stories (fears, hesitations, triumphs) and organizing a wealth of product development data around what exists in the market (both good and bad), I met up with Coco to talk shop, and we discussed the gaping hole in the cannabis market when it comes to women. Not only were there few truly quality-driven, over-the-counter options, but it was clear that women need an authentic, respectful hand to hold while they learn about what cannabis can do for them. Someone who could walk them through experimentation and finding the right product, dose, and frequency as they embarked on this journey, without any condescension or judgment. I heard stories of fellow women aged 25 to 80 who felt like they were out of options, and scared, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. On top of my own success story of using cannabis for spinal nerve pain and mental wellbeing, it was a no-brainer that we couldn’t not take our dedication to the women’s consumer space and answer this call. That one, impassioned, electric conversation served as the inspiration for Equilibria.” 


Equilibria turns two


Just as curious and eager to learn more about cannabis, Coco Meers, our co-founder and CEO knew this was an opportunity to bring a much-needed product and service to women.


“Throughout my career, I’ve always been inspired to create beauty and wellness innovations that benefit women. I am an active angel investor in female-founded, consumer companies, and after brand management roles at L’Oreal in New York and Paris, got my entrepreneurial start as founder and CEO of PrettyQuick (acquired by Groupon in 2015), a beauty booking marketplace offering seamless reservations at salons and spas nationwide. When Marcy inspired me to take a look at CBD’s balancing properties, I knew this was an extraordinary opportunity to take best-in-class science and wrap it in a service first consumer experience that women could trust.” Our co-founder Coco Meers shared.


Come March 18th, 2019, Equilibria officially launched and has stayed true to its mission in bringing women balance through personalized CBD routines with dedicated one-on-one Dosage Support.


How it’s going

Fast forward two years and it’s safe to say a lot has changed from the look of our brand to the number of women we’ve reached and made life-changing impacts on. Over the last 730 days, Equilibria has…

  • Grown a community of over 100k+ women
  • Launched over 12 new products you know and love
  • Had 11k+ women book dosage consultations to further personalize their routines
  • Had 4k+ members recommended us to a friend
  • Donated $100k worth of CBD products to 1,500 women on the front lines of the pandemic
  • Donated $50k to black and brown women entrepreneurs through our partnership with Black Girl Ventures.  


Equilibria turns two


Quite a couple of years!


While every milestone holds so much importance to us, we are especially proud of the evolution of our Dosage Support service over the years. As we know, every woman’s body is different and so is her CBD dose. We believe having access to a service that will guide and educate you on what products are best for your lifestyle and specific needs, along with how much of that product to use and when and how CBD can create a huge shift in your life. 


When we asked our co-founder Marcy what the biggest milestone to her was over the last 2 years – it was a no-brainer. “Having Dosage Support be an essential service to women during the pandemic in 2020.” With the pandemic taking a toll on so many over the last year, women and mothers faced a lot of challenges – which our Dosage Team experienced first hand. “Their days would start with a woman calling in and saying she lost her family member to Covid, then another woman would call and say her husband lost his job to Covid. Our Dosage Support service is not only an important point of differentiation, but it also holds a lot of meaning and is an important service for a lot of women. Thousands and thousands of women had someone to talk to when they felt like they had no one to talk to during the pandemic.”


What’s to come

While we have a lot of surprises to come this year, we can at least share with you that year three will be ALL about personalization and matching you with the perfect CBD routine that’s customized to exactly what you need at all points in your life. 


“This year is all about doubling down on personalization, both physical products and our digital experiences. Building products that are about use cases and for the specific needs women come to us with every single day. On the digital side, we’re building the entire online experience around being able to more easily find those products, get matched with them, know what to do with them, and know what to do if they aren’t working.” Capron-Vermillion shares. As for why personalization is so important, “Every single woman is unique. You could have 10 women standing side by side who receive the exact same products from us every single month and every single woman has a different routine.”


We’re so glad to be part of your CBD journey and look forward to another year of bringing you balance, continued dosage support, and premium CBD products that you can trust.