6 Tips To Keep Your Stress Levels Low

This past year has been… interesting, to say the least. Despite all the changes that have happened over the course of the past twelve months, one thing has remained both certain and constant- and that is our icky little friend, stress. 


Stress not only impacts our mental well-being, but it can physically impact our bodies as well. Have you ever noticed that your neck feels a bit more tense after a particularly difficult Zoom meeting, or that your sleep has suffered due to your mind racing after a whirlwind of a day? Have you noticed a constant sense of feeling on-edge or unwarranted fatigue throughout the day? If you answered yes to any of these, you’re not alone- and if you haven’t yet, you should probably get some CBD! 


While many of our members have connected with the Member Education Team to go over how to increase the efficacy of their CBD, there is only so much the CBD itself can do to keep your stress levels low through high-stress times. When it comes to managing stress and getting good sleep, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just as important as following a daily, consistent CBD routine. 


Not sure where to start? The Member Education Team has your back with a beginner’s guide to supporting CBD!


Spend some time outside

6 tips to keep your stress levels lowNot only has sunshine been shown to improve mood, getting at least 15 minutes of outdoor time a day can help regulate your Circadian Rhythm, which is our body’s biological clock. I always start out my morning with a small, ½ dropper dose (5mg/0.5mL) and take a walk to grab some coffee!



Listen to music that makes you smile

Not only can music affect your mood, but there are studies to support that music can also help increase focus. Take a listen to our EQ Dance Break Playlist curated by EQ staff! Whether your music makes you get up and dance or helps you get through the flood of morning emails, it’s a win! Pair your jam session with some Drops or your Energizing Roller to make the most of the little moments that make you smile. 


Move your body at least once a day

6 tips to keep your stress levels lowIf you’re like the Member Education Team, you spend most of the day on your computer, which can lead to stiffness, sore eyes, headaches – you name it, we’ve got it. Getting up and moving your body, even just a short walk around the block can be a great way to combat not only the physical stress of working from home but the mental strain as well. Follow up your movement with a little Relief Cream to help with recovery! 


Find time to connect with your support system

Especially during this time of isolation, getting the human connections we need can be difficult. Connecting with those we love, along with mental health professionals, is incredibly important for processing the stress that we face every day and creating lasting bonds through empathy and understanding. Staying connected as a team while working remotely has helped the entire Member Education Team feel our best. 


Create new connections

6 tips to keep your stress levels lowWhile this is obviously a bit difficult to do in person these days, the internet is full of incredible support groups for individuals facing any and all stressors you could imagine. Want to chat about CBD?  All of our monthly CBD subscribers have access to join our exclusive private MyEQ Community Facebook Group!  This is an awesome space where we connect with other members and talk about all things CBD. 


Use a meditation app

And while you’re at it, pair your meditation session with some Daily Drops. Meditation is a great way to learn how to slow down your thoughts, and using CBD to help improve focus and combat stress at a molecular level can take that experience to the next level. As a company that values and promotes balance, our entire team has recently started to use the Calm app! 


Already tried these tricks and eager for more? Book a Wellness Coaching Session with one of our Certified Wellness Coaches. or email wellness@myeq.com. Feel free to email in your own tips and tricks, too!