How To Support Your Mental Health With CBD

CBD works best when combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, proper hydration, a well-balanced diet, and taking care of our emotional well-being. Many of us have lots of demands in our lives, which may lead to very little time to care for ourselves. Incorporating some of these tips into your day-to-day schedule can help. Schedule in some time during your day just for you, even if it is 5, 10, 15 or 30-minute increments. Every little bit counts! Below you’ll find a few tips our Certified Wellness Coaches recommend to support your mental health with CBD


How to support your mental health with CBD


Surround yourself with friends & family

It has been challenging this past year to maintain in-person relationships, which are essential to our mental health. If social interactions cause stress, try these tips:

  • ½ dropper of your Daily Drops before leaving for your event. 
  • Reach out to your community – have lunch with a friend, join a neighborhood walking group, or volunteer at a local organization     
  • If you’re a subscriber, join Equilibria’s Facebook page to connect with other Equilibria members.


4 powerful products to add CBD to your skincare routineGet a good night’s rest

Many of us live very busy lives, and it can be hard to calm both our minds and bodies to get quality sleep. If you struggle with winding down in the evening and falling asleep or staying asleep, try these tips:

  • Start your morning by soaking up some sun, which can reinforce your natural circadian rhythm by signaling your body to increase the production of melatonin to help you sleep better at night – just 10 to 15 minutes is all you need. Apply your Energizing Roller to lift your mood as you sit on the porch or go for a short walk. 
  • Create a bedtime routine: highlight your daily accomplishments, make your to-do list for the next day, journal to clear your mind, put away all electronic devices, take a bath using our Mindful Mineral Soak or enjoy the benefits of a soothing Bath Bomb. Take your ingested CBD of choice and massage Relief Balm to areas that are achy or sore. Lastly, apply your Calming Roller to help you relax for the night.   


Move your body daily

Exercise can increase levels of Anandamide, or the “Bliss Molecule”, our body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoid responsible for enhancing one’s mood. CBD may also amplify and extend the effects of your workout, and when used post-workout, it can also speed up your recovery time. With that said, try taking a ½ dropper of Daily Drops before you exercise, and massaging Relief Balm into muscles after you exercise.    


Seek out talk therapy

Access to telehealth therapy and mental health-related self-help apps has increased since the pandemic which offer support, perspective, and help to learn coping mechanisms. The National Alliance on Mental Illness provides information on mental health treatment resources in your area as does the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.


How To Support Your Mental Health With CBDFind hobbies you enjoy

Creating a vision board can be a daily reminder of what makes you happy.  Keeping your hands busy, such as knitting, painting, drawing, or coloring in adult coloring books may help you relax, stop overthinking, and express emotions you may have bottled up.


Be kind to yourself

Similar to the saying “you are what you eat,” be mindful that “you are what you think”. Notice patterns of “self-talk” and turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Instead of repeating thoughts about lack, fear, or insecurity, repeat mantras like “I always have enough time,” “progress, not perfection” or “I am beautiful”. Post positive affirmations on a mirror or near your desk to help you remember!


Consider all of your senses to nurture your mental health

  • Smell: Diffuse essential oils in your home to help balance your mood.    
  • Taste: Keep healthy foods stocked so you are not tempted to stress eat.  
  • Touch: Have soft blankets to cuddle up in or snuggle with a furry friend.    
  • Sound: Listen to soothing music or music that inspires and motivates you. 
  • Sight: Have items in your home that are pleasing to see and bring you joy.


Taking steps to maintain our mental health is key to living a long, happy, and healthy life! If you are looking for some ideas and suggestions our Member Education team is here to support you! If you haven’t already had a Wellness Coaching Session, you can schedule one at your convenience. If you’ve already spoken with your Certified Wellness Coach, feel free to reach out to them when you need encouragement or to brainstorm ideas so your CBD works best for you and your specific goals! We offer unlimited support, so if you’d like to check in with us, you can always email us at