The EQ Challenge: Hormone Balance Edition



This 3 week challenge is designed to offer inspiration in order to help you revamp your wellness routine and focus on your own personal hormone health. By signing up, you’ll gain access to fun, educational resources and activities, plus a robust community focused on proactive well-being! 




Joining this challenge offers insight into how daily habits affect hormones and health. It’s important to understand that stressors and toxins can lead to imbalances, impacting mood, energy levels, sleep quality and so much more. Most woman can relate to the negative impacts that unbalanced hormones can have on our bodies, and this challenge is meant to help you learn habits to carry with you throughout every stage of life. 




We’ll have 21 total days of the Hormone Challenge – once you sign up, you’ll automatically receive weekly emails filled with information, education, and interactive activities for the challenge! In terms of the actual challenge, we’ve created a bingo card filled with hormone health care habits, and your goal is to complete AT LEAST 5 squares in a row, column or diagonal each day – but the more squares you complete, the better! Check out the bingo card below, along with a week-by-week sneak peek into our themes for the Hormone Challenge.



Week 1: All About Endocrine Disruptors


Week 2: Stress & Your Hormones


Week 3: Nutrition & Lifestyle for Hormone Health


So, what are you waiting for?! 


LET’S GET STARTED! Click HERE to sign up for the EQ Challenge: Hormones Edition!