Sleep Tips: Try These 4 Steps To Improve Your Sleep

These days, the stress and demands of everyday life can make it difficult to manage a good night’s sleep. But how important is quality sleep, really? The short answer: much more than you might think. Sleep is one of the most critical factors contributing to the quality of our physical and mental health, allowing the brain and body time for rest and recovery, and affecting how we react, manage our emotions, learn, and more. Unfortunately, too many of us find quality sleep elusive; the CDC estimates that about ⅓ of Americans don’t get the amount of quality sleep necessary for healthy physical and mental function. If you’re one of the millions of people who aren’t getting enough restorative sleep on a regular basis, there are 4 sleep tips you can try in order to improve your sleep, your health, and your state of well-being.


4 Sleep Tips To Improve Your Sleep


1. Stagger Your CBD Doses

Taking a consistent daily CBD dose is a good foundation to start you on your way to getting quality sleep, but there are even more ways you can incorporate CBD to help with better rest. Many of our members find that a combination of Nightly Sleep Gummies in the evening plus Rapid Sleep Melts right before bed can help them both relax into sleep more easily, as well as experience more restful sleep. All Equilibria products come paired with a personalized consultation with a Wellness Coach, who can assist you in customizing a bedtime CBD routine that works best for you and your life. 


2. Set the Scene

Sleep Tips: Try These 4 Steps To Improve Your SleepGetting a restful night’s sleep means having a restful space in which to do so. Try a transformation of your bedroom so that it’s more conducive to good sleep, including changes such as: 

  • Removing the TV from the bedroom and instead using a white noise machine if you need background noise to fall asleep.
  • Making your bed with comfortable, clean linens and pillows of your desired firmness and height, and, if necessary, updating your mattress so it offers the support and comfort you need.
  • Adding lamps to use at night rather than bright overhead lighting.
  • Using a sleep mask, weighted blanket, or other sensory comfort items.


3. Establish a Wind-Down Routine

Making sure you get proper sleep — and enough of it — begins long before bedtime. Your brain and body use cues that the time for sleep is approaching; one of the most obvious environmental cues being the setting of the sun, indicating it’s nighttime. In addition, there are many steps you can incorporate into a routine in order to remind yourself that it’s time to start preparing for sleep. Some things to try:

  • Set a cut-off time for the use of electronics such as smartphones and tablets. Even with devices set to night mode, the light and activity can still be enough to keep your brain engaged and resistant to sleep.
  • Avoid late meals, caffeine, and alcohol in the evenings. Alcohol may help you initially fall asleep due to its sedative properties, but research has found that alcohol suppresses quality REM sleep, leading to a lack of restfulness upon waking.
  • Signal sleep with a soak. Equilibria’s Mindful Mineral Soak combines our hand-harvested, full-spectrum CBD with essential oils and sea salts for a relaxing way to melt away stress and let your body know it’s time to release the worries of the day and prepare for rest.*

Editor’s Note: The Mindful Mineral Soak has been discontinued.

4. Stay Consistent With These Sleep Tips

Sleep Tips: Try These 4 Steps To Improve Your SleepWhether you’re starting a whole new bedtime routine or simply adjusting your CBD dosage timing to improve your rest, it’s important to remain consistent with these sleep tips in order to make sure you’re getting the best sleep you can. Routines and consistent cycles help us make long-term changes to our habits and behaviors, so ensuring that your pre-bedtime steps remain consistent from day to day is critical to establishing a long-lasting routine that’ll help you reclaim restful, restorative sleep.


If you’re new to CBD or looking to enhance your existing CBD regimen for sleep, our Sleep Bundle includes both Nightly Sleep Gummies and the Rapid Sleep Melts to help you find the balance that works best for you. Integrating these sleep tips and working with your Wellness Coach to discover your daily routine will help you get the most out of every night’s sleep. Schedule a call today!