5 Tips For Getting Back To Routine This Season

After an active summer enjoying all that the warm weather has to offer, it can be difficult to settle back into the rhythms of your fall routines. Whether the season’s change means back to school, a renewed focus on work, or simply re-establishing your day-to-day habits, Equilibria CBD can give you the support you need to get back on track and stay calm and balanced. Not sure where to get started getting back into the swing of things? We’ve put together 5 tips for getting back to routine this season. 


5 tips to help you get back to routine this season


1. Make your daily CBD dose a habit

When it’s a struggle to get back into your routines, you need all the help you can get. A consistent daily dose of Equilibria’s full-spectrum, hand-harvested CBD can help you stay balanced and maintain a feeling of centeredness, no matter what life throws at you. Equilibria CBD offers both extended and focused support that can help you navigate feeling overwhelmed — which tends to go hand-in-hand with the stresses of everyday life. Not sure which product is right for you? Schedule a call with one of our Wellness Coaches to get personalized support and product recommendations!


2. Set yourself up for success with a nighttime routine

Are your mornings stressful and chaotic? Start your day off right by taking back control of your mornings. Try incorporating any steps to your morning routine that can be done in advance into your evening routine the night before. Whether it’s setting up the coffeemaker, preparing lunch, setting out clothes, or making sure everything you need before you leave the house is close at hand and ready to go, a little preparation the night before can make your mornings smooth sailing. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even find a few extra minutes for some quiet contemplation over coffee. 


3. Schedule out your week

Make sure you’re prepared for whatever the week throws at you by planning out daily schedules, events, and reminders in advance. You may prefer writing it out by hand in a daily planner, or keeping everything connected by using your devices; whichever method works best for you, stay on top of your schedule by knowing what’s around the corner and what you need to do to prepare. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when every day is full, so avoid surprises and help yourself plan what’s coming next.


4. Automate what you can

So much of our days can be taken up by small, recurring tasks that take time out of our busy schedules. While our increased use of technology can have both its advantages and downsides, one big plus is how simple it is to use tech solutions to free up time spent on everyday duties. Sure, you probably already automate some of your banking and bill paying, but also look into ways to make tasks like grocery shopping, refilling prescriptions, sorting emails, and making sure your Equilibria CBD is always at hand when you need it even easier with automated subscriptions and solutions. Every moment you save can make sticking to your routines much easier — maybe even give you a little time to breathe!


5. Make adjustments as needed

Sometimes, you might find that your ideally planned routines aren’t working as well for you as you’d hoped. Instead of trying to force a routine that isn’t quite right, adapt your schedule, tasks, and expectations to find a better fit. And because your CBD dose is as personalized as your routines, you may find that your wellness regimen needs an adjustment from time to time as well! Our Member Education team is here to help you fine-tune your wellness routine so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your daily dose.