Seasonal Blues? Here’s How to Boost Your Mood

As temperatures drop and the days get shorter, it’s easy to find yourself in a bit of a funk. Add to that the stress of the holidays on top of an already challenging time, and it can be difficult to figure out how to boost your mood and get through the day. With just a few simple tips, though, you might just find that winter can be something to be enjoyed, rather than endured. Who knows? You may even end up with a new favorite season! Here’ we’ll cover a few different ways to boost your mood when you’re feeling those seasonal blues. 


How To Boost Your Mood


1. Get some sunshine

One significant factor leading to low mood over the winter months is the lack of abundant sunshine. Since the days are shorter and the weather is less hospitable, the opportunities to get outside and enjoy the sun can be few and far between. Some ways to make the most of the limited daylight:


  • Open curtains and shades to let light in when the sun is out.
  • Position your workspace near a window.
  • Use a daylight/light therapy lamp on dark, dreary days. 


2. Regulate your sleep cycle

Seasonal Blues? Here's How to Boost Your MoodNothing can sink your mood faster than a lack of sleep or an irregular sleep cycle. Getting enough sleep can help regulate mood, improve cognitive function, and maintain physical health, but so many of us have a hard time getting enough good, high quality sleep. In addition to developing good sleep hygiene habits like establishing a regular bedtime, discontinuing use of electronics before bed, and keeping your bedroom comfortable and uncluttered, you can also look to your Equilibria CBD products to support you in your efforts for better sleep. Many of our members report that our Daily Drops, taken before bedtime, can help maintain a regular sleep cycle and support more restful, restorative sleep.


3. Get up and get moving

It can be difficult to incorporate movement into your day when it’s cold and dreary and you can’t partake in any of your favorite outdoor activities. However, exercise is not only a tried-and-true example of how to boost your mood, but it can also help you get better sleep as well as maintain energy levels and overall physical health. Try incorporating some indoor-friendly movement like yoga, guided video classes, hand weights, or stair climbing the old-fashioned way so you can keep moving all winter long. Overdo it just a little? Our Relief Balm helps soothe the ache of sore muscles with our full-spectrum, hand-harvested CBD, as well as arnica and menthol.* 


4. Indulge in seasonal treats

Part of what contributes to low mood during colder months can be the feeling of loss of all the fun activities and events that the warmer seasons bring. Instead of wistfully longing for beach days and barbecues, embrace all the indulgences that come with the colder weather. Create a cozy nook in your home where you can curl up with a good book and a plush blanket, take the time to perfect your hot cocoa or mulled cider recipe, or try your hand at a winter-friendly craft like knitting. Cold evenings are an ideal time for a warm, relaxing bath; add in our Mindful Mineral Soak for the ultimate relaxation, with Mediterranean and Dead Sea salts, a plant-derived aromatic oil blend, and our full-spectrum CBD.* 

Editor’s Note: Mindful Mineral Soak is discontinued. For tips and tricks on how to use our other Equilibria products for skin concerns, reach out to your Certified Wellness Coach.


5. Stay social to boost your mood

Seasonal Blues? Here's How to Boost Your MoodThere’s no better way to boost your mood than by enjoying yourself with friends and family. Whether you opt for a small, in-person brunch or a video happy hour to catch up, making time for social activities at your comfort level will help keep you connected and feeling cared for. Holing up in our homes to wait out the winter can be lonely and lead to feeling low, so set aside time to spend with the people who’ll keep your spirits up until the sun returns again in the spring. 


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