CBD and Yoga: Why It’s The Perfect Match

Yoga and CBD are natural companions. Practitioners of yoga are familiar with the blissful, relaxed, almost dream-like state that awaits us in Savasana, the final resting pose that often ends a yoga session. Whether you’re wrapping up an energetic power vinyasa flow, or a centering restorative yoga session, there is something so rewarding in knowing this state of presence, calm, and relaxation is making its way to us as we close another practice in self-care. To embrace this calm and stillness (which can feel like a huge contrast from our busy lives, at times!), we must learn to steady our minds, to truly surrender into rest and restoration, and to appreciate the shifts that are waiting for us after our practice, when we realize we have chosen to show up for ourselves. But the calm, relaxed state we feel during Savasana shouldn’t feel so temporary – you deserve to enjoy some inner peace and calm much more often! And that’s where CBD comes into the picture. In case you’re new here- balancing our body, mind, and well-being with CBD is what we’re all about at Equilibria! 


CBD and Yoga: Why It's The Perfect MatchMany of the feel-goods that keep yogis coming back like a greater sense of calm, less reactivity, more balanced mood, and tapping into more rest and relaxation – are some of the same reasons we see so many women turning to our CBD. At EQ we are here to help you find more balance with your personal CBD routine! Much like yoga, CBD can go beyond elevating our physical well-being – it can help us intrinsically feel more centered, balanced, and equipped to take on the everyday stressors and pressures that life throws at us (both on and off our mats)


If you’re new to CBD, we invite you to check out our CBD Basics page for a start. 


So let’s talk about CBD! One of the most vital takeaways is to understand that experiencing the full benefits of CBD requires consistent, daily use to achieve its fullest potential within your unique body’s chemistry. Much like we cultivate our tapas to create discipline in showing up on our mat consistently and often, dedication to your CBD routine is a must to truly experience the positive impact of CBD in your daily living.


For many yogis, one of the motivators to maintain a consistent yoga practice goes beyond a commitment to physical movement alone. The teachings of yoga are aimed to create transformation from the inside out. For many, yoga isn’t simply a form of exercise- it becomes the pathway for finding the best versions of ourselves. As we feel improvements physically, our core of being starts to shift in tandem, resulting in more presence, feeling a sense of being more grounded, and even heightened self-awareness as we tune in to what is and isn’t working for us. CBD can translate in a similar fashion. While you may take CBD for one desired outcome or to support a wellness goal, so often women can actually experience benefits across several areas of their health and well-being that they may not have even been aware of before! We have many women share their stories with us, and while some of our members look to CBD for, say, more rest and sleep support, we often also hear how their daytime stress has felt a bit calmer, as well. 


CBD and Yoga: Why It's The Perfect MatchCBD and yoga are a dynamic pairing! Both can influence our body’s well-being on a molecular level by activating more balance in our body’s responses and promoting more stable, calming coping mechanisms. One of the key concepts in understanding how CBD works is to dive into its relationship with the body’s Endocannabinoid System or ECS. To read more about the body’s Endocannabinoid System, see this post. CBD can work alongside the ECS like a lock and key, helping to activate our calmer, less reactive coping mechanisms.  


Just as a yoga teacher can educate yogis more on the proper flow, poses, and adjustments to ensure a safe and effective yoga practice, our EQ Certified Wellness Coaches are here to guide and inform you as you discover your ideal, personalized, daily CBD routine! Whether you’re an avid sunrise-saluter searching for increased morning energy and stress relief, or a devoted yin yogi who desires more restful sleep and mental focus  – we work together to craft your personalized CBD routine.


When consciously and mindfully taking CBD prior to your yoga practice you open yourself up to the possibility of having a unique experience; allowing your body to integrate, restore and revive the body, mind, and spirit. Try taking an extra dose of your EQ CBD prior to a yoga class or practice. Notice how you feel in your surroundings before you begin your practice. Make observations and allow yourself to connect with your breath before you begin your practice. Sit with your body and notice what you are experiencing during this time. Savasana is AMAZING, but our feelings of peace, rest, and ease shouldn’t only happen in the last minutes of a yoga practice – with CBD you can experience calmer and centeredness in your daily life when you truly need it most! Just like your favorite yoga studio, think of Equilibria as your community for all things CBD – to help you learn, grow, and master your personal EQ CBD routine for happier, healthier living.


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