Feeling Anxious About Summer Outings? Try These 4 Tips

As the world begins to return to something closer to “normal,” you may be feeling overwhelmed by your return to in-person gatherings and summer travel. Of course, anxiety around these events is to be expected after more than a year of upheaval to our everyday routines, but fortunately, there are ways to manage the worry and apprehension that may go along with venturing outside your comfort zone.


In addition to the sense of balance that a consistent daily dose of Equilibria’s functional wellness products can help bring, there are also steps you can take in moments of elevated stress. We’ve put together a few practical tips to help you ease back into summer outings and aid you in achieving calm and balance, so your summer events can be enjoyable instead of stressful.


Feeling Anxious About Summer Outings? Try These 4 Tips


Ease Back In

As things begin to pick back up from where they’ve been the past year and more, it’s tempting to jump back into your everyday activities with both feet. Suppose you’re experiencing stress around summer outings. In this case, it may be a better option to start slowly, with more casual activities around fewer people, to give yourself time to acclimate to activities and situations you may not have experienced recently. With a thoughtful plan that allows you to get out and about in a way you’re comfortable with, plus the support of Equilibria’s functional wellness products, you’ll be back into the swing of things in no time. 


Prepare for Events With CBD

Feeling Anxious About Summer Outings? Try These 4 TipsWhile your daily dose of Equilibria’s full-spectrum CBD helps you maintain a sense of relaxation and focus all day long, there are times where you may anticipate needing a little added support. About 30 minutes before an event, try a supplementary microdose of Daily Drops (a quarter or half dropper is a good place to start; if you’re unsure how much to try, you can always contact our Member Education team with questions). The added boost can help you regain a feeling of calm before you head out to a potentially stressful event and make sure you can enjoy your plans instead of dreading them.


CBD to the Rescue for Heightened Stress

In those circumstances, when you need some immediate relief and balance in a situation where you’re feeling on edge, count on our new Rapid Calming Melts to come to the rescue! With a faster onset time and a supplemental 5mg of full-spectrum, single-source, hand-harvested CBD per melt, Rapid Calming Melts can give you an added boost of support right when you need it. Keeping your melts handy in summer social settings gives you an effective, discreet option for focused relief in times of increased stress, letting you get back to your plans refreshed and relaxed.


Focus on Your Breathing

Feeling Anxious About Summer Outings? Try These 4 TipsOn top of the variety of ways that Equilibria’s functional wellness products can help you regain harmony when you’re feeling stressed, you can also employ other balancing methods, such as breathing exercises, to help ease your tension around summer social activities. While you’re waiting for your CBD to take effect, try focused breathing:

  • Inhale through your nose, feeling your belly expand as you do.
  • Hold your breath for a moment once you’ve inhaled.
  • Exhale slowly and deeply, focusing on expelling all of your breath at a slow, measured pace.
  • Repeat until your breathing is level and even, and you begin to feel your stress subside.


For added relaxation, our Calming Roller, included in the Dynamic Roller Duo, allows you to roll relief right to your pressure points, combining the topical benefits of full-spectrum CBD with aromatherapy during your breathing exercises to add another level of calm.* The best part? It fits easily right in a pocket, purse, or bag for on-the-go relief, no matter where you are. Need additional support? Schedule a wellness call with one of our Wellness Coaches today!

Editor’s Note: The Dynamic Roller Duo has been discontinued.