Moms and CBD: from Pregnancy to Breastfeeding to Raising Your Kids

Being a parent is hard. Certainly, no one ever claimed it was easy! Every day on social media we celebrate mothers for their strength, their tenacity, and their ability to wear ten hats at any given time. But at the end of the day, when moms finally climb into bed, sleep may not come easy either. In the morning, patience and calm may not come easy. And the aches and pains that come with bodily stress, female cyclical changes, and childbirth may linger.

Finding relief and achieving balance is so important for moms (and dads!). In the last few years, as federal laws have changed around the U.S., women have turned to CBD for help. Our Certified Wellness Coaches at Equilibria are asked questions every day about pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum struggles. However, since every woman’s body and health goals are different, and clinical data drags behind reality, the answers are not always black and white. But we can help you navigate the gray!

So why is CBD beneficial for women specifically?

Women’s bodies and CBD are the perfect pair. When taken consistently, CBD works within our bodies to boost a powerful system of receptors (called the Endocannabinoid System or ECS) that is responsible for internal balance and regulation. Female biochemistry is, by definition, cyclical — and often out of balance — which is why CBD’s regulating properties are so uniquely beneficial to women.

CBD is a natural product that can bring balance on multiple levels. 

Moms and CBDRemember high school biology? One of the reasons CBD – and other cannabinoids including THC – work so effectively is because we naturally produce similar chemicals within our bodies called “endo” (as in endogenous, native to our body) cannabinoids.  These endocannabinoids naturally pass from mother to child during breastfeeding and are responsible for immune system health (basically keeping us alive as infants!). Over time and during stressful periods (like the often volatile transition to motherhood), our body’s endocannabinoids deplete.  So CBD and the other plant-based cannabinoids act as fill-ins for what our body naturally loses from stress. Cool, right? Many Equilibria members in our community count on CBD to bring all sorts of body systems (like our immune system, cardiovascular system, etc.) into “homeostasis” or balance, including:
  • Cycle regulation for mood stabilization during PMS and menopause.
  • Reduced discomfort associated with menstrual cramps, endometriosis, autoimmune and other types of arthritis.
  • Mental health support for getting better rest, feeling calmer during overwhelming moments, and staying patient during busy days.
Modern life is complicated and the struggle is real – especially for moms. CBD is a natural product that can bring balance on multiple levels.

Can I use CBD when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Moms and CBD We always recommend talking with your physician if you’re considering using CBD while pregnant or breastfeeding.  Truly, it’s a matter of your personal preference and a conversation with your doctor.  Our Certified Wellness Coaches are able to provide education about our products + CBD oil and how it works.  However the truth is that pregnant and breastfeeding women are some of the last groups to be studied in clinical trials, so we are not able to advise on what’s the best decision for you — that’s a conversation best reserved for you and your doctor.   Some women talk with their doctor and decide to use CBD throughout their pregnancy — while others would rather hold off and use CBD after they’re done breastfeeding. We talk to all kinds of women who have different preferences. Your products do have a shelf-life of 2 years, with the exception of our Gummies, if kept in a cool, dark place — so you can always come back to it when you’re ready.   Some women feel comfortable using topical products only — like our Relief Balm or Recovery Roll-On since those don’t reach inside the bloodstream in the same way that our ingestible products do. Our topical products can still deliver powerful results for managing sore muscles, backaches, and other tension-related struggles.*  

What if I want to take CBD for a better night’s rest?

Our Certified Wellness Coaches often talk with new moms or busy women who have jobs and families to manage — and many of them are just looking for more quality rest.     Our Members use both the full-spectrum Daily Softgels and Daily Drops — depending on what effect is desired.     Moms and CBDFor quick help winding down after a long day, we recommend trying our Daily Drops!  They’re quick-acting and kick in within 10-30 minutes — many moms like to take a small dose (like a ½ Dropper or 5mg CBD) as they sit down for the night to relax after the kids are put to bed. Our Certified Wellness Coaches often hear that women are able to cut out their evening wine routine and use CBD as a nice alternative to a glass of wine for relaxing!   For help getting better quality rest throughout the night, we recommend trying our Daily Softgels and taking it after dinner. In order for the Softgel to absorb properly, taking it with food is essential as it takes 1-3 hours to kick in.  Once it kicks in, it’s so good at what it does: releasing a slow, steady drip of CBD for 6-8 hours.   Many new moms tell us that they prefer a Softgel because it has a subtle effect, and they can still be responsive to check on their baby throughout the night — and since the Softgel slowly releases CBD over the course of the night, many women report being able to fall back asleep quickly and easily. Our Softgels can be a game-changer for women who never get quality rest! 

How can CBD help moms/mothers who have young kids?

Equilibria’s co-founder and CEO, Coco Meers, says CBD helps her be a more present and even-tempered mom. She used the opportunity to consult one-on-one with Maia Reed, our Senior Director of Member Education, to find her personal dose. “I take (2) 10mg Softgels every day, AM and PM (with an occasional 10mg dropper of oil during the day on PMS days, when traveling, etc) to reduce discomfort related to an auto-immune condition and help me feel more centered.”

When they’re pushing boundaries, I’m able to more calmly react and not get rattled.

Getting her dosage right was a game-changer. She says that in parenting, “I find I have a longer fuse when responding to those frenetic moments (bathtime, toddler tantrums, stressful drop-off!) Instead of escalating when they’re pushing boundaries, I’m able to more calmly react and not get rattled.” It also helps her wind down and get some much-needed rest. “I’ve always been a good sleeper, but [with CBD] I find it’s easier to fall asleep and not let my mind wander.” At work, there are — of course! — still stressful moments, but she says she feels “more steady and level-headed during the nuttiest of days.” Coco’s experience with CBD is why she is such a huge advocate for its powerful health benefits. She reminds us that with all that we balance as moms, CBD can be a secret weapon to help us manage our full plates while feeling a little calmer.

Equilibria is laser-focused on women’s health.

As you know, Equilibria is a CBD company founded by women, for women. All our product research and development, and cannabis education efforts focus on applications of CBD for female wellness. But that’s not all that sets us apart from other CBD businesses.  A couple more things we’re proud of: Personalized Wellness Support. Everyone’s biochemistry is different, and as with any changes to your routine, perfecting a CBD regimen requires patience and customization. At Equilibria, we assign every member a personal Certified Wellness Coach who answers any and all questions and provides personalized consultations on daily CBD routines. High quality, medical-grade CBD batch after batch: Consistency and quality are really hard to find in this unregulated market. As a vertically-integrated bioscience company focused on therapeutic efficacy and consistency, we are very proud of our product. Whether you buy Equilibria or another CBD brand, always ask for lab reports. Look for a clean supply chain (single-sourced cannabis and organic farming with no heavy metals or fillers), and a robust number of cannabinoids and terpenes, (the plant’s therapeutic agents). More than anyone else, we know the struggle of hard-working moms (and dads!) is real. We hope CBD products like Equilbria’s will continue to make a difference in the lives of women everywhere. And don’t worry – you’ve got this. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to join our growing community!

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