CBD and Alcohol: Can They Be Mixed?

Gathering with others oftentimes means getting together to share food, laughter, and for many of us – a cocktail or two. So, naturally, the question arises: Can CBD and alcohol be mixed? 


We often hear from our members that taking their daily dose of CBD has a similar calming effect to taking a sip of wine (minus the intoxication!). It’s natural to assume that combining the powers of CBD and alcohol would result in double the relaxation. This thought process makes sense! But is it accurate? What are the effects of CBD and alcohol when used together? The answer to this is complex. Alcohol is known for its sedative, calming, inhibition-reducing effects. CBD is also known for its ability to promote a sense of calm. When taken together, they appear to amplify each other’s effects. For example, if you typically find yourself ready for bed after two drinks, you might find yourself zonked after just one!


Can CBD and Alcohol Be Mixed?


What if I have too much CBD and alcohol?

CBD and Alcohol: Can They Be Mixed?Simply put, a hefty dose of CBD oil with alcohol may make that second drink feel more like your third or fourth. 


We’re still learning exactly how CBD and alcohol interact, as we are with current cannabis science. However, research indicates that CBD oil taken alongside a beverage containing alcohol may significantly increase impairment compared to ingesting alcohol alone. It’s important to note that no impairment was observed in participants taking only CBD. Additionally, the doses of CBD used in this study were roughly 6x the total daily dose of the average member of Equilibria!


Can I have a drink if I’ve taken CBD today?

Many of our members enjoy a CBD Softgel with lunch and a glass of wine with dinner. While we still have much to learn, it seems that taking a low dose of CBD within a few hours of a glass of wine, for example, is pretty well-tolerated. In addition, some animal studies suggest that CBD may assist the body in protecting against oxidative stress that the body is subject to from alcohol. It’s all about balance! 


We suggest starting low and slow with CBD if you plan to keep your nightcap as part of your daily routine. Over time, you may even notice yourself reaching for a drink less frequently after sticking with a consistent CBD routine. We often hear from our members that this is an unexpected benefit of their routine!


Can I replace my evening glass of wine with CBD?

Yes! CBD can be an excellent alternative to your evening glass of wine. We work with many women who end up replacing their evening cocktail with a Dropper or Softgel. A strategically placed daily dose of CBD can make a significant difference in your desire to reach for that bottle of wine!


The bottom line

CBD and Alcohol: Can They Be Mixed?Ultimately, everyone will respond to CBD and alcohol differently. It’s essential to keep your alcohol consumption in check if you’ve just taken your daily CBD dose. Suppose you know you’re about to party the night away. In that case, it’s best to skip your evening dose and enjoy the enhanced balancing properties that CBD promotes in the morning. Your body will thank you.  


Always check with your healthcare provider before combining CBD with alcohol (or any medication for that matter).





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