What To Expect From A Call With Your Wellness Coach

Our team of wellness experts is here to champion your CBD success! Whether you are a novice or have been taking it for years, you are sure to benefit from connecting with a Wellness Coach.


5 reasons to connect with your Wellness Coach


1. We work with members at all stages of their wellness journey

As Wellness Coaches, we are here to educate, empower, and support. We do that by meeting you wherever you are in your wellness journey. Never heard of CBD before? No problem. Our team of coaches are ready to support every member from the novice to the expert!


2. Your Wellness Coach is here to educate and support, not to make sales

What To Expect From A Call With Your Dosage SpecialistEQ’s unique team of Wellness Coaches are here to help you get the most out of your wellness routine. If your Certified Wellness Coach recommends that you try adding a product to your routine or bumping your dosage up, it’s because they genuinely think it will help you! We have no incentive outside of helping you build a routine that you love. 


3. We’re here to answer all your questions

We encourage our members to ask questions! We work with some members who hop on calls with a list of questions prepared, and we also work with members who prefer to learn about their products and how they work before asking any questions – and some members don’t have any questions for us at all! Whatever your style, we’re here to embrace it. 


4. The EQ website offers a wealth of information available for you to read before your call

For those who wish to do a bit of preparation for their call, we encourage you to review the resources available on our website! This is a great place to start if you’re new to CBD and want to come with questions but aren’t sure what to ask! We have a great blog post on our most frequently asked questions – I recommend starting with that! Or, you can visit our page of even more FAQ’s


5. Your wellness support never expires

There’s more than one way to connect with the Member Education Team! While we love to provide education and support over the phone, we know that life can get busy and it’s not always possible. That’s why we are available to answer all your questions via email! Simply reach out to wellness@myeq.com with any questions, concerns, or insights you’d like to share with us. The best part? Your support never expires! 


What to expect from your Wellness Coaching Session

What To Expect From A Call With Your Dosage SpecialistEvery Wellness Coach has a unique approach to CBD and wellness education. We have an incredible, diverse team of wellness experts. While each approach is a little different, we all share the same objective: to provide unparalleled support and CBD education.


Every wellness coaching session is unique, but here are some key elements that we include in every call: 

  • You will learn about your products, how they work, and how to optimize their benefits
  • Your Certified Wellness Coach will get to know your lifestyle, goals, and how you’ve been responding to your EQ products so far – these are key details that help us truly customize your routine!
  • Your Certified Wellness Coach can help you find CBD solutions for women’s health
  • You will always have the opportunity to ask questions and share concerns with your Certified Wellness Coach
  • After the call, you will receive a follow-up email with notes from your consultation, your updated routine, and any additional resources your Certified Wellness Coach wants to share with you.
  • The week after your call, your Certified Wellness Coach will reach out to you to see how you’re doing. If you’re not loving your routine, you and your Certified Wellness Coach will work together to make adjustments – this can be done via email, or you can book a complimentary follow-up call!


The Bottom Line

Here at EQ, we are committed to supporting you through your wellness journey and are focused on how to best use CBD for women’s health. We’re here to serve you, through your complimentary wellness coaching session, or by email. This is a fantastic way to show up for yourself and commit to achieving the balance you’ve craved for so long! 


Ready to connect with your Certified Wellness Coach? Log into your account to book your complimentary wellness coaching session!