EQ Team Spotlight: Althea Y.

In our EQ Team Spotlight, meet the faces behind your favorite CBD! Today, we’re featuring Althea Y., a Dosage Specialist here at Equilibria. 


What is your background and what drew you to Equilibria?

I have a background in Biomedical Engineering and received an undergraduate degree in it. During my last year of school, I began working in a CBD store. I have always been interested in cannabis from a medical perspective, how and why it helps us and exploring the stigma around it.


After exploring some different opportunities, I received a message from a recruiter about an opening at a CBD Company. At the time, I had no idea it was Equilibria even though I was aware of the company. Equilibria ended up marrying my interest in CBD and educational background into a career.


I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Medical Cannabis Science & Therapeutics and exploring new, unchartered territory, and being a positive part of the forward movement for cannabis!


What is your favorite weekly meeting?

I have two answers to this question: the weekly Dosage Team Meeting and our weekly All-Company Meetings! The Dosage Meeting, which is my weekly team meeting, is a great time to connect to my remote team members! 


On an unexpected note, our weekly All-Company meetings are my favorite. As a part of the Dosage Team that serves members directly, it is great to see other aspects of the company and how everything comes together. We are so transparent as a company of what our goals are and what we’re working towards that. It allows me to be on the same page with our entire team, which makes my work even more purposeful. 


Can you take us through some of the things you do as a Dosage Specialist?

As a Dosage Specialist, I have a few dosage calls every day to help get our members their personalized routines. I also am sure to remain connected to my members and answer any questions they may have. 


On the Dosage Team, we are also able to specialize in several different areas and I have been working towards being a liaison to our farm, which helps further our member education by working with our lab and keeping an eye on our lab testing results and ensuring the quality is always there.


Wherever you start in this new industry, your job is going to be changing as the field changes! 


What is the best career lesson you’ve learned so far?

When I first began working with Equilibria, I had some issues with imposter syndrome and as a new college graduate, I felt uncomfortable with my experience level. I would always mention my graduation date and Maia, our Senior Director of Member Education, came to me and encouraged me to stop qualifying my education and discrediting my knowledge by simply stating my degree on its own.


Everyone is always learning and everyone comes from different backgrounds and it is highly valued. Everyone on our team is becoming experts, together. That’s been my biggest lesson working in this industry and for Equilibria specifically.


What is your #myEQ

I personally experience chronic skin conditions that I take medications for, which can affect my sleep or keep me up. At dinner, I take a Daily Softgel to help ensure I stay asleep throughout the night. I also use the Extra Strength Daily Drops right before bed to help me fall asleep!


Additionally, I use the Daily Treatment Oil and use it twice a day as the last step of my skincare routine. I also use the Relief Balm on minor irritation, for example to help cool my hives down after a mild allergic reaction. The Relief Balm is also great during my menstrual cycle for relief from cramps and headaches – I use it on everything!

Editor’s Note: Daily Treatment Oil is discontinued. For tips and tricks on how to use our other Equilibria products for skin concerns, reach out to your Dosage Specialist or check out this article.