Happy National CBD Day!

Summer SolsticeIn 2019, Equilibria launched as a CBD brand for women, by women – but within the past few years, Equilibria has grown into so much more than just a CBD brand. EQ has flourished in the wellness space by introducing an incredibly wide range of functional products, certifying our wellness coaches in order to offer expert one-on-one support to women navigating their wellness journeys, and we’ve doubled down on our science-backed research and education by bringing on EQ’s fantastic new Chief Science Officer, Jacqueline Jacques, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, to ensure our members are receiving only the best from their experience with Equilibria. 


That being said, without CBD, Equilibria simply wouldn’t be here today! When EQ co-founder Coco Meers dipped her toes into the world of CBD, she found untapped potential and a way for women to thrive in their unique journey toward holistic wellness. Read on for a personal letter from Coco highlighting the reasons why EQ started with CBD, and enjoy a little throwback to our most beloved CBD products in honor of National CBD Day!


A Letter From CEO and Co-founder Coco Meers


“The dream of Equilibria is to provide balance (and beyond) for women everywhere who are balancing so many things in their lives. Leaders. Professionals. Moms. Sisters. Daughters.  Friends. Caregivers. Explorers. As women, we wear so many hats in our lives, but a balanced body and mind are essential to hold space for all these roles. From the minute we started Equilibria over 4 years ago, I have been obsessed with the physiological balancing properties of CBD and its role in modulating our bodies’ master balancing system, the Endo-Cannabinoid System. No, there are no miracles out there when it comes to wellness, but by helping your body balance better, you’ll see benefits across key systems like sleep, stress management, mood, physical relief, and more. On CBD Day, we honor this powerful phyto-cannabinoid and all it can do to improve the lives of women everywhere.” 


CBD Product Spotlight


Daily Gummies 


Infused with 10mg of our hand-harvested, full-spectrum CBD, our Daily Gummies are built to keep you balanced and centered all day long. With two delicious flavor options of Pomegranate Blueberry and Pineapple Dragonfruit, these gummies are a fan fave of our members for a reason. 


Daily Drops (Regular Strength & Extra Strength)  


Perfect for targeted, fast-acting results, our members use our Daily Drops to regulate their mood and stress levels, manage discomfort and increase focus. 


Daily Softgels (Regular Strength & Extra Strength


A member favorite, our best-selling CBD Daily Softgels are a slow-release product for long-lasting effects, and perfect for all day balance.


Sleep Gummies


Our Bordeaux-Cherry Sleep Gummies hold the #1 spot on many of our members’ most-loved EQ product list. A natural dream machine, these gummies supports reliable, high-quality sleep that won’t leave you with a groggy morning fog. 


Rapid Calming Melts 


Our mint-flavored Rapid Calming Melts provide members with balance– and fast. Use discreetly when you’re on the go, or anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed in an acute moment of stress and need FAST support from your CBD.


Relief Balm 


Ideal for spot-treating discomfort anywhere on the body this better-than-topical cream is formulated with hand-harvested, single-source CBD, arnica, and menthol. Tailored for any part of your body, our cream stands as an essential ally against discomfort.


Recovery Roll-On


Menthol and white willow bark work in tandem with our premium CBD to soothe sore muscles and joints. Recovery Roll-On’s new and improved formula boasts 2x the menthol (now 7%!), contains 33% more CBD (now 1000mg!), contains more botanical ingredients like elderberry and aspen bark extracts, and is packed with essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint. 


Dynamic Roller Duo 


This roller duo relieves pressure points, regulates mood and eases topical discomfort. Enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits of Peppermint + Jasmine + Lemon to reset and uplift or Lavender + Bergamot + Rosewood to soothe and relax.