The Unique, Quick-Onset Technology Behind Rapid Calming Melts

As many of you already know, we recently launched our brand new Rapid Calming Melts — and we couldn’t be more excited for you to try them! The perfect addition to any routine for the member on the go, these discrete dissolvable tablets are meant to be popped under your tongue during moments of heightened stress. Taking less than ten minutes to kick in, and lasting an average of 3-6 hours, these are the fastest way to dose your CBD yet. 


Now, you may be wondering – how do I use the Rapid Calming Melts as a part of my CBD routine? The Rapid Calming Melts are designed to be used as an add-on to an existing daily routine, for the occasional moments when you’re feeling overwhelmed or your stress level spikes – you’re running late to a meeting, the kids are acting up, the family is headed to the airport, etc. 


If you’re like me, though, you’re obsessed with science — and that’s where our Rapid Calming Melts really shine. 


Here’s what we did.

The Unique, Quick-Onset Technology Behind Rapid Calming MeltsWe have partnered with SUM Biotech to create one of the most innovative sublingual CBD products on the market. Using an exclusive, patent-pending microparticle and mucosal binding technology, our Rapid Calming Melts make it possible to absorb up to 95% of the CBD — so even at just 5mg each, they pack a powerful punch for the extra stressful moments that may come up. 


So, what is microparticle technology?

Many people assume that creating a microparticle cannabinoid product means breaking down the molecular structure of CBD, but that’s not quite the case. When CBD, as well as the other cannabinoids and terpenes in our products, are suspended in oil, they tend to clump together. Microparticle technology, on the other hand, ensures that these molecules are spaced out, which makes it easier for our bodies to absorb larger percentages of the overall doses. 


How about mucosal binding technology?

The Unique, Quick-Onset Technology Behind Rapid Calming MeltsThe mucosal binding technology ensures that your Rapid Calming Melt stays under your tongue, and makes it easier for those microparticles to absorb by increasing the residence time. Residence time refers to the amount of time any compound needs to stay in place in order to be properly absorbed. Therefore, by increasing the residence time, we can increase the amount of CBD you absorb from each tablet! 


To create this mucosal binding technology, SUM Biotech took a pharmacological approach to product design. Sublingual tablets are popular in the pharmaceutical industry, and they utilized many popular ingredients among those products to create one of the first pharmaceutical grade dissolving CBD tablets on the market. You’ll notice that these ingredients are quite different from those in our Daily Softgels or Daily Drops, but the philosophy of only including the necessary ingredients for maximum efficacy still shines through. Not only are the Rapid Calming Melts sugar-free and gluten-free like the rest of our products, but they are also calorie-free and vegan as well! 


Of course, the Rapid Calming Melts utilize our premium organic full-spectrum hemp flower concentrate — but what else?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Below is a breakdown of all the additive ingredients:


The Unique, Quick-Onset Technology Behind Rapid Calming MeltsMannitol is the main ingredient in the Rapid Calming Melts, comprising roughly 60-70% of the total makeup. Mannitol is a naturally occurring compound and is in the chemical makeup of fruits and vegetables such as cauliflower and strawberries. In the processed foods and pharmaceutical industry, mannitol is used as a natural, sugar-free sweetener.


Cellulose is the next ingredient on the list and is also present in the majority of fruits and vegetables. 


Crospovidone comes next and acts as a super disintegrant – which means it helps the tablet dissolve swiftly and effectively.


Sodium stearyl fumarate, on the other hand, is known as a tablet lubricant, helping to create just the right amount of stickiness so the tablet stays in place, but doesn’t feel like it’s been velcroed on.


The final ingredient, silica, is simply an approved food additive used as a processing agent. 


So, now that you know just how special the Rapid Calming Melts are, add them to your existing CBD routine!


The Member Education Team has given them a go, and if we do say so ourselves, they’re a game-changer for managing spikes of stress. I keep mine close to my desk for the days when stress becomes a bit overwhelming and I need a quick fix to get through the rest of my workday. Not sure how to add them into your daily routine? Just send an email to, and we’ll point you in the right direction.