Week 1 Recap of Our 30-Day CBD Challenge

Our first ever 30-Day CBD Challenge is here to bring you our best tips, tricks, and tools across all of our channels to support you throughout the first crucial moments of your new CBD routine. From meeting our Member Education Team to CBD education & classes to interactive self-care sessions, we are here to reinvigorate your routine and support you at every turn.


If you’re new to the challenge- that’s ok! You can start at any time. Here, we’ve pulled together everything you need to start the first week of your 30-Day Challenge. 


30-Day Challenge: Week 1 Recap


Day 1:

Introduction to your 30-Day Challenge w/ Maia Reed, Equilibria’s Senior Director of Member Education.


30-Day CBD Challenge

Day 2:

Download our 30-day journey calendar featuring journaling prompts and tips for bonus self-reflection


Getting Started With Your New CBD Routine

Day 3:

How long can it take to see results? Get insight from our Certified Wellness Coaches!


30-Day CBD Challenge

Day 4:

Breathing Exercises with Shanna from EQ


30-Day CBD Challenge | The life changing magic of your own CBD specialist

Day 5:

Meet Our Member Education Team


30-Day CBD Challenge | CocoIGtakeover

Day 6:

Takeover with our Co-founder Coco Meers 


prep your vitamins

Day 7:

Prep your vitamins (and CBD) for the week


As we head into week 2, we’ll continue to be your accountability partner by checking in and providing constant support and education to keep you on track with your CBD journey. Stay up to date on the latest by subscribing to our email list and following us on Instagram! We’ll also be sharing weekly recaps here on the blog so you can start your 30-Day Challenge on your own time.