5 Steps to a Spring Reset

The thing that keeps most people going through these long, cold winters is the thought of warmer and sunnier days ahead. Spring is a season of renewal and rebirth – as the snow melts away and the days get longer, we are reminded that life is constantly in a state of flux. With the world around us bursting with new life, the flowers beginning to bloom and the days getting longer, it’s the perfect time to hit the reset buttons on our own lives by planting new roots, shedding old habits, and embracing new beginnings. Whether you’re looking to make small changes or completely revamp your life and current routines, EQ is here to give you some tips and strategies for kickstarting your springtime reset, so you can emerge from hibernation feeling energized and ready to take on anything. Let’s dive in and embrace the spirit and renewal that spring has to offer! 


Step 1: Take inventory and set your intentions


With the start of a new season also comes a new mindset, so ask yourself: How am I really doing? Are there areas of my life that I have been wanting to change or improve? Who do I want to be this spring? Where can I set new roots in order to bloom into the best version of myself? Not only is it important to identify these areas, but be sure to ask yourself why you want to make these changes. This “why” will give you a motivation and purpose for making meaningful changes, and propel you toward the goals you set for yourself. If you’ve been feeling especially stressed, unfocused or unhappy recently, you can take our quiz to set your baseline and identify areas that could use improvement. 


After taking our quiz, head over to the correlating “quickie primers” for helpful, actionable ways to improve the areas of your life that could use a bit of work. You can find our happiness primer here, focus primer here, and stress primer here


Step 2: Treat yourself like a plant


If you’ve been slacking on self-care this winter (which we know is all too easy to do), spring is a great time to show yourself the love and care that you may have been missing these past few months. In the spirit of springtime, think of yourself as a plant – water yourself, ensure you’re getting enough sunlight, feed yourself with nutritious foods that make you feel best, and spend time in nature. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself so that you can grow into this new season.


While plants may not need to take care of their mental health, we sure do! Take this opportunity to clear and reset your mind in preparation for the new season ahead. 


First, clear your mind and get rid of the noise by journaling your thoughts, brain dumping in your notes app, or unfollowing people on social media who don’t benefit you anymore.


Then, begin to reset your mindset by asking yourself what kind of habits you want to implement this season, and how you can become a better version of yourself. One way to jumpstart this reset is by practicing daily self-love in the form of saying positive affirmations. While we know that the idea of repeating words of affirmation to ourselves may seem silly and far-fetched, it’s been scientifically proven that doing this actually fires up your neural pathways and helps to make changes to the areas of the brain that make you happy and positive. Begin by repeating a self-affirming phrase like these examples below out loud just once per day: 

  • I am whole and complete.
  • Everything I desire comes my way. 
  • I am growing into the best version of me. 


Step 3: Declutter and refresh your space


Spring cleaning isn’t just about getting rid of dust and dirt – it’s also about decluttering your home and space so that you can start off this reset on a physically clean slate. This doesn’t need to be an overwhelming or majorly time-consuming task – begin with going through your closet and getting rid of anything that you know you don’t need but that you’ve been holding onto for one reason or another, or take a few laps around your house and get rid of items that no longer serve your purpose (hello, Marie Kondo!). Spring cleaning is also a good time to give back, so donate anything that you don’t need, and know that your items will bring someone else joy!


Now, the fun part: refreshing your space. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go out and buy a ton of new things (we’re leaning into minimalism this spring!), but instead try rearranging a room, switching out your pillowcases and duvet covers, or buying fresh flowers to brighten up your space. 


Step 4: Set new goals, or try something new


With the start of a new season comes new opportunities, so take some time to reflect on what you want to achieve this spring. Whether it’s a new career goal or a personal project, setting goals can help give you direction and motivation. Make sure your goals are specific – write them down in a journal to really bring them to life, and don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments along the way. 


Spring is also a season of growth, so why not challenge yourself to something new? Whether it’s a new hobby, workout routine, or recipe, stepping outside of your comfort zone can help boost confidence and help you bloom into a more well-rounded version of yourself. 


Step 5: Connect with others


We know, we know – winter can be difficult and isolating for many, and it’s easy to stay inside and keep to ourselves during the colder, darker months. But spring is a time when we are coming out of our metaphorical (or actual) hibernation and moving back into the world. Connecting with the people around us and with our community is important for overall mental health and wellness, as well as our emotional growth. Here are some ways you can connect with your community this spring: 


Attend outdoor events: With the weather warming up, there are often more outdoor events and activities happening in your community. Search online for events like farmers and flea markets, music festivals, or outdoor movie screenings to attend – these events can be great places to meet new people and connect with others who share similar interests, all while soaking up some sun and getting out of the house 


Take a class, or join a club/sports team: Connect with others and try something new at the same time! If you’ve been interested in cooking or learning how to make pottery, find a local studio or restaurant in your area that offers beginner classes. If you love reading, research book clubs in your area, and if you’re into sports and getting active, find a weeknight kickball or pickleball league that will get you outside and moving. Classes like these are often offered through community centers or local colleges, so a quick Google search should help you find something you’re interested in.


Attend a local meetup: Finding local meetups in your area can be a great way to meet like-minded people, network, and learn new things. Use platforms like meetup.com and Eventbrite to search for events based on your interests and location, look through your local newspaper or magazine for listings of upcoming events and meetups in your area, or ask around to friends, family and colleagues.


As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we hope these 5 steps help you refresh for a new season and blossom into a more fulfilled version of you this spring!