5 Types of People in Your Life Who Can Benefit From CBD

Our members know that a consistent routine of Equilibria’s full-spectrum CBD can help ease stress, maintain a balanced mood, and support focus and centeredness. But is CBD suitable for everyone? You might be surprised at how many types of people can benefit from CBD and our comprehensive line of daily essentials and routine boosters! From college students to active retirees, Equilibria offers something for everyone who could use a little extra daily support to find balance in the face of life’s everyday stresses.


5 Types of People in Your Life Who Can Benefit From CBD


1. The college student heading back to school

5 Types of People in Your Life Who Can Benefit From CBDStarting a new semester can be stressful. Between all-nighter study sessions, staying on top of coursework, and the overall unpredictability of college life, it can be hard to maintain balance. Fortunately, Equilibria’s full-spectrum CBD can help! Our Calm Bundle offers long-lasting benefits to manage that day-to-day overwhelmed feeling and help maintain a healthy sleep cycle. It also offers immediate relief to help in times of heightened stress. For example, final exam time!



2. The on-the-go mom

School drop-off and pick-up, work, meal planning, and keeping the house and family running smoothly. Is it any wonder moms are overwhelmed and exhausted!? Mom’s on the go can especially benefit from CBD. With our Essential+ Bundle, busy moms can relax, stay centered, and maintain a sense of calm and balance. No matter what life throws their way! A daily dose of our full-spectrum CBD can help maintain mood, support more restful sleep, and ease feelings of stress. This can leave Mom ready for whatever the day brings.


3. The fitness lover

Working out can help you feel your best, but an active fitness regimen can result in muscle soreness and tension. With Equilibria’s Relief & Recovery Bundle, workout-related aches and discomfort can be a thing of the past. A daily dose of CBD with our Daily Softgels can help aid the body in its recovery response. Our Recovery Roll-On, which blends full-spectrum CBD with menthol, provides fast-acting topical relief for post-workout muscle soreness.* 


4. The career go-getter

5 Types of People in Your Life Who Can Benefit From CBDPutting in long hours at the office (even if the office is at home) can leave you feeling frazzled, frustrated, and frayed. The demands and unexpected challenges of day-to-day life at work can make it difficult to keep calm and balanced. Help stay focused, ease stress, and soothe the irritability that can come with a busy workday with our Daily Drops. With a fast-acting onset, a daily dose of Equilibria CBD will give the support needed to maintain the sense of calm and focus needed to tackle even the toughest to-do list. 


5. The active retiree

For those who’ve put their time in at the office already, life begins at retirement! Whether keeping busy with projects at home and in the yard or taking up new hobbies, active retirees know that as we age, aches and discomfort can get in the way of enjoying all that retirement has to offer. Help ease the aches that come with an active lifestyle with a relaxing bath, including our Mindful Mineral Soak, followed by our Relief Balm, which provides targeted relief as needed. 

Editor’s Note: The Mindful Mineral Soak has been discontinued.

For women experiencing the effects of menopause, the hormonal changes at this stage of life can result in hot flashes, disrupted sleep, and nausea, among other effects. For many of our members who are experiencing menopause, our Daily Softgels are a go-to, as they offer extended support, and help maintain a more restful sleep cycle, and can aid in easing feelings of discomfort and fatigue.


Not sure which daily Equilibria CBD routine will fit your lifestyle? Our Member Education team is here to help! For example, your Certified Wellness Coach will help personalize or fine-tune your wellness regimen. They can also help you address your specific needs and concerns. We’re here to make sure you get the most out of your wellness routine! Schedule your wellness call or email our Member Education team at wellness@myeq.com for your customized consultation. Looking to learn more about CBD and its benefits? Visit our FAQ page to learn the must-know facts!