How To Add CBD To Your Fitness Routine For Beginners

With all the time we spend indoors lately, it’s so important to get in some type of movement throughout the day. In addition to endorphins – those feel-good chemicals we all know and love, exercise also helps our bodies produce anandamide, nicknamed your “bliss molecule”.


Whether you’re looking to add in more movement in your daily routine or want to improve your exercise performance and recovery, taking CBD pre and post-workout may offer several benefits.


How to add CBD to your fitness routine for beginnersStudies have shown that pairing CBD up with exercise can not only amplify the anandamide in our body but can also aid in increased mindfulness during your workout, feeling more relaxed/less stressed, participating in workouts for longer, experiencing decreased physical discomfort during and after exercise, and decreasing muscle recovery time.  


Below we’ve put together a simple guide to integrating CBD into your daily exercise routine. 


How to add CBD to your fitness routine for beginners

Morning: If you prefer to exercise first thing in the morning, consider taking one full dropper of our Daily Drops about 15 minutes before your workout. This can promote focus and decrease any muscle tension making you more relaxed for your workout and decreasing the risk of minor injuries. 


If you like to workout later in your morning, taking a Daily Softgel with food in the AM  may be a better fit.


How to add CBD to your fitness routine for beginnersAfternoon: If you’ve already completed your workout at this point, you may start to feel some muscle soreness. This is a great time to reach for your Relief Balm which can provide topical relief in minutes. With soothing ingredients like arnica, menthol, and lavender, Relief Balm features 500mg of full-spectrum CBD to calm muscle soreness or tension and can be used as much as needed throughout the day.*


If you enjoy exercising during your lunch break, we recommend reaching for our Daily Drops at least 15 minutes prior to promote focus throughout your workout and ease any muscle tension from working on your laptop all morning. 


Evening: The day is ending and it’s finally time to unwind. This is the perfect time to run a hot bath and soak with our Mindful Mineral Soak featuring over 30 minerals and 200mg of full-spectrum CBD to purify and destress. This will help promote muscle recovery and may help soothe soreness and tension so you’re not only prepped for a good night’s sleep but ready to tackle your workout the following day.*


Right before bed, consider also using our Relief Balm once more for added relief and muscle recovery while you sleep. 


If getting in some movement post-work is more your thing, try taking a 1/2 dropper of Daily Drops, waiting 15 minutes then exercising, or even just going for a walk to help you unwind from the day and clear your mind. Follow with a bath using our Mindful Mineral Soak then Relief Balm before bed.


A restful night’s sleep is always the best recovery tool, so adding in a full dropper of Daily Drops 30 minutes before bed will help you easily fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. If you need help with your wellness routine schedule a call with a Wellness Coach today!

Editor’s Note: The Mindful Mineral Soak has been discontinued.