Week 4 Recap of Our 30-Day CBD Challenge

As we start to wrap up our 30-day challenge, we hope that following your new routine over these past few weeks has shown you the power of a consistent CBD routine and has brought you closer to achieving balance. While the challenge may be coming to an end, our commitment to support and education doesn’t stop. Our Member Education Team is always here to personalize your routine as your needs change – through email or phone! We’ll also continue to share educational content on our blog each week to keep you in the know about all things CBD.


Here’s everything you need for week 4 of your 30-Day Challenge.


30-Day CBD Challenge: Week 4 Recap



Why topical CBD? 30-Day CBD Challenge: Week 4

Day 22:

Why Topical CBD? Learn why we love using them along and in conjunction with ingestibles.



30-Day CBD Challenge: Week 4 | MyEQ Instagram Takeover

Day 23:

#MYEQ Takeover with Equilibria Certified Wellness Coach Althea Yap.



30-Day CBD Challenge: Week 4

Day 24:

Announcement coming soon…More opportunities to attend our LIVE Zoom Wellness Calls!



CBD Challenge

Day 25:

Learn all about CBD & Hormonal Health from Cannabis Nurse, Rebecca Abraham.



Playlist for movement

Day 26:

EQ Spotify playlist for movement. Listen whenever you need a little dance break throughout your day.



MyEQ Instagram Takeover 2 | #MYEQ Takeover with Elizabeth Cannon, Equilibria's Product Designer.

Day 27:

#MYEQ Takeover with Elizabeth Cannon, Equilibria’s Product Designer.



"A More Balanced You" quiz

Day 28:

We want to know how balanced you are! Play our “A More Balanced You” quiz to find out.


Looking for weeks 1, 2, and 3? Start your CBD Challenge on your own time and stay on schedule with our blog posts.