Week 3 Recap of Our 30-Day CBD Challenge

Week 3 is here! You’ve made it through 21 days of our challenge and we couldn’t be more proud. If you’re loving your routine we’d love to hear about your unique journey with CBD. If you’re interested in sharing your story with us, read more here! If you’re not yet feeling the effects of your routine, often times the missing ingredient is more time. We usually see positive results in the first 1-3 weeks but often see the BEST results after 2-3 months.


Here’s everything you need for week 3 of your 30-Day Challenge.


30-Day CBD Challenge: Week 3 Recap


30dc dosage tips

Day 15:

Tackling your evening transition time with tips from our Certified Wellness Coaches.



Unwinding with CBD Vs. Alcohol

Day 16:

CBD & Alcohol.



How Stress Takes a Toll on the Bodys Balance

Day 17:

Beating stress with a CBD routine.



Day 18:

A surprise announcement…we launched our newest subscription box – The Body Box. Read here for more!



Tips From A Dosage Specialist

Day 19:

CBD is better with friends & family! Learn all about our referral program here.



how do you take care of your body?

Day 20:

What are your favorite ways to take care of your body? Share with us!



Self-care Sunday

Day 21:

Self-care Sunday tips to take your weekly ritual to the next level.


As you head into the week 4 of your 30-Day Challenge, we’ll continue to check-in and provide constant support and education to keep you on track with your CBD journey. Stay up to date on the latest by subscribing to our email list and following us on Instagram! If you have any questions about your routine, remember that every Equilibria purchase grants you access to a Certified Wellness Coach. Get in touch through unlimited email support or schedule your Wellness Coaching Session for a more personalized approach.

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