EQ Member Spotlight: Real Women, Real Stories

At EQ, we do everything that we can to stand by our goal of helping women feel better. Over the past few years, we’ve helped hundreds of women in their journey to become better, brighter versions of themselves – but we would never be able to do this without YOU, our members. In our second installment of our EQ Member Spotlight: Real Women, Real Stories blog series, we’re highlighting more of our fabulous members’ wellness journeys with Equilibria. Whether that includes a specific area of their lives that has improved through the help of EQ, their favorite products, or a memorable EQ moment, here is what our members had to say the second time around: 


Destress with EQ“I recently flew by myself on my first international flight to Japan at age 60 to see my son graduate with a MBA scholarship he received. From the high costs, long flight times, and dealing with missed connections, I was so incredibly anxious about traveling for 20 hours on 3 planes all by myself, but Equilibria’s Daily and Sleep Gummies helped me get through these challenging experiences before, during and after. To make matters worse, while in Japan, I injured my knee and wasn’t able to see a doctor until I flew back to the United States nearly two weeks later. All I had for relief were my EQ gummies throughout the trip, and I was so thankful for these high quality blends that provided relief. I highly recommend Equilibria!” – Nancy Kay 


“Using Equilibria has been a game changer in both my day to day life and when I am anticipating a high stress situation. There is an ease now with how I go through each day – an overall calmness about me. To have the Rapid Calming Melts on hand when I feel stressed has helped me in situations that in the past would have paralyzed me. Thank you.” – Cheryl 


“I have felt so supported in my CBD journey! I feel like Equilibria’s Wellness Coaches are always willing to help and listen.” – Hillary 


“I love Equilibria products. Since starting my daily CBD regimen, I have been so much calmer with my kids. I also used to pick my scalp when I was anxious and I recently noticed that I haven’t been picking at all. Kicking the urge to pick has been the most surprising benefit for me and a clear sign these products work. No more painful sores or bald spots! I also love that I got a call with an expert who helped me tweak my routine. My EQ Wellness Coach suggested I take a Daily Softgel with breakfast and a dose of their Daily Drops with dinner to keep me balanced during that post-school to bedtime period that can be tough with young kids.” – Lisa 


“What sold me on Equilibria was the by-women, for-women philosophy. Their products have helped so much – my husband even loves them!” – Erin 


“I was dealing with postpartum mood swings and had no patience with my three kids. I knew I was not being the mother I could be, so I decided to try Equilibria and instantly felt better – I don’t feel as on edge, and I don’t get bothered by the little things anymore. I am so happy I decided to give Equilibria a try, and I feel so much better as a mother.” – Laura 


“The Sleep Gummies are wonderful. They not only do the job of helping me sleep, but they taste great. I highly recommend them!” – Lynne 


How to Find Your Happy - A Quickie PrimerWomen’s voices are meant to be heard. If you’ve been on a wellness journey that you’d love to share, you can submit your #myEQ story online here. You can also share your story on social media using the hashtag #myEQ and tagging us @equilibriawomen for a chance to be featured on our next installment of Real Women, Real Stories!