EQ Member Spotlight: Real Women, Real Stories

At EQ, we do everything that we can to stand by our goal of helping women feel better. Over the past few years, we’ve helped hundreds of women in their journey to become better, brighter versions of themselves – but we would never be able to do this without YOU, our members. 


To put it frankly, we LOVE our members; you are what makes EQ, well, EQ!


We are passionate about all things women’s wellness, and believe that women’s voices are not only meant to be heard and listened to, but screamed from the rooftops! Because our members are at the center of our mission, we want to share your stories, and give you a platform to speak about how EQ has impacted you and your life. That’s why we’re introducing EQ’s Member Spotlight, a series of blog posts focused on our members and their stories. We took to our Instagram stories to ask our members directly to tell us their #myEQ story, whether that be a specific area of their lives that has improved through the help of EQ, their favorite product, or a memorable EQ moment. Here is what they had to say: 


“My EQ story starts with my girl going to one of your events in Chicago years ago and sharing her experience. From that day on I was hooked! With a high stress job, hubby, and 2 kids, I needed all the help I could get. I love the packaging as well – it’s so luxurious. Definitely top tier #selfcare! I’ve shared EQ with family and friends and they love it as well! Thank you for creating a product for women by women (even though hubby is always using mine)!” – April 


“#MyEQ is a Daily Softgel when I wake up and another before I go to bed. Life changing!” Kelli


I knew that Equilibria products were changing my life for the better when my roommate noticed that our fridge wasn’t regularly stocked with hard seltzers and beer anymore. As a bartender, indulging in alcohol easily becomes part of that lifestyle and for me personally, being someone who regularly suffers from migraines, didn’t make drinking enjoyable. I didn’t honestly expect CBD to replace alcohol for me, but it happened so naturally that it took my roommate commenting about the lack of alcohol in our apartment to make me realize that it had almost entirely. I really can’t put a price on how valuable the time that giving up drinking in favor of CBD has given back to me.” Carolyn


“My CBD routine keeps my stress levels in check and helps me sleep. I love the Daily Softgels, Daily Drops, Daily Gummies and the Relief Balm.” – Kathryn


Over the past few years, I have transitioned to working from home full time, which has definitely been a bit stressful. I was looking for something to add to my routine that would calm me down and help me transition from home to work and back to home again. Not knowing much about CBD, I started using the Daily Drops at night to help me get a better night of sleep in preparation for the upcoming day. I transitioned over to the Sleep Gummies when they came out and haven’t looked back. Equilibria has been a total game changer for me and my Certified Wellness Coach has helped me understand how to keep that nightly support going throughout the day with the help of Daily Drops and Rapid Calming Melts. I now have consistent energy throughout the day and have eliminated my afternoon slump! Since being introduced to EQ, my mood and energy has drastically increased!” Alysa


I was first interested in trying Equilibria to improve my sleep. I have Lupus and sleep is an important part of managing my symptoms and reducing flare-ups, but I often have a hard time falling asleep. After working with my Equilibria Certified Wellness Coach, she helped me adjust the timing and quantity of my dosage. Since then, my sleep experience has significantly improved – I now take a half dose right after dinner to help me start winding down for the night, and the other half dose right at bedtime to help me stay asleep. This small but significant adjustment was the real game changer for me. Now that I am sleeping better, I have more energy and mental clarity throughout the day, and experience less joint pain in the evenings. Equilibria has helped me feel more like myself!” – Daniela


Want to share your #myEQ story? Submit your story to us through our website here, or message us on Instagram with the hashtag #myEQ to earn EQ credit toward a future purchase!