How to Stay Calm This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a magical time, filled with joy, abundance, love…and also, stress, exhaustion, and a general lack of energy. With so many things on our to-do lists and so much to get done in such a short time, is it any wonder that many of us need help coping with holiday overwhelm? Don’t worry, EQ is here to help you stay calm with our tips for how to fully enjoy this holiday season, and everything that comes with it.


If holiday decorating isn’t going as planned:

How to Stay Calm This Holiday SeasonCreating a warm, festive atmosphere at home is a great way to get into the holiday spirit, even when those unexpected curveballs come your way. Whether you’re trying to find the single lightbulb out in a string of lights, your kids have “rearranged” the tablescape you worked on for hours, or your cat decided to climb the tree and you hear the telltale crashing of ornaments, look to EQ’s Rapid Calming Melts to keep you from feeling overwhelmed when things take an unexpected turn. 


If you overindulged at the holiday party or family dinner:

So many fun holiday activities are centered around abundant food and festivities. However, sometimes you might find yourself overdoing it just a bit. If you’re regretting that last cookie at the office party, try massaging Relief Balm onto your stomach from right to left in a clockwise motion to relieve feelings of bloating or discomfort.


Shouldn’t have had that last glass of your aunt’s special spiked eggnog? Treat yourself to a little self-care after overindulging with a small dose (5-10 mg) of our Daily Drops first thing the next morning, paired with a banana or other potassium-rich food.


If you still have a pounding head from all those dinner table “conversations”:

How to Stay Calm This Holiday SeasonDo big family gatherings remind you why you only see certain relatives at the holidays? If you’re feeling stressed and worn down from all that togetherness, use our Dynamic Roller Duo to bring a little balance back into your day. Roll on the scent of your choice to your temples (along the hairline, about ½ inch above the highest point of your ear) and the pressure point between your thumb and index finger. Take several slow, deep breaths, inhaling deeply and letting the aromatherapeutic scent calm and restore you.


If you can’t seem to fall asleep at night:

How to Stay Calm This Holiday SeasonFor as much fun as they are, the holidays can be exhausting, but you might still have trouble switching out of “busy mode” to fall asleep. If your body is telling you that you need to rest more, listen to it! A stress-free holiday season starts with making sure you’re rested, restored, and ready to handle whatever’s next. Our fast-acting Rapid Sleep Melts can help you quickly get into sleep mode after a busy day so you can wake up refreshed.


If crowded stores send your stress levels skyrocketing:

Checking off everyone on your gift list can mean packed stores and long lines. Stay calm amidst the chaos with EQ’s new Stress Gummies. Have a gummy 30 to 60 minutes before braving the crowds and keep your cool even when that perfect gift is out of stock or you’ve just been bumped into for what feels like the hundredth time. 

With EQ’s help, a stress-free holiday season is well within your reach. Not only can our premium products help you maintain your calm through the hustle and bustle of the holidays, but they make great gifts, as well! Shop from the comfort of home with our Holiday Gift Guide and give the gift of less stress to all your loved ones.

Our Top Products for the Holidays

Woman holding sleep gummiesWith the holidays just around the corner, you might be feeling your stress levels start to ramp up — the EQ team is here to help! We’ve put together some of our top products to help you stay chill while navigating the hustle and bustle of the season. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or crossing some holiday gifts for your loved ones off your list, we’ve got you covered. 

Top products for less stress

Trying to wrangle the family for holiday card pictures, fighting the crowds trying to get the best Black Friday deals, the pressure to make everything perfect — it’s no wonder we’re all so stressed out this time of year! Help keep your calm with some of our favorite products for stress.


Rapid Calming Melts

Maia Reed, Senior Director of Member Education, says Rapid Calming Melts are “marriage-saving stress relief, fast. I keep jars in the diaper bag, my purse, and my car (for braving holiday traffic!).” 


Stress Gummies

Stress gummies with blackberries and currants for stress managementOur new natural “chill pill” is made from a blend of five adaptogenic functional mushrooms and can help keep you calm and balanced when you’re feeling a little (or a lot!) overwhelmed. As a bonus during cold and flu season, Stress Gummies can also help promote immune support while helping you regulate your stress levels.

Self-care gifts 

Taking care of yourself is just as important as finding the best holiday gifts. Fortunately, with EQ, you can do both! (And your secret is safe with us if your holiday shopping ends up being “one for you, one for me.” It’s the best way to shop!)


Daily Drops

CBD: It’s What You Don’t FeelBecca Garber, EQ’s Head of People, makes sure she always has her full-spectrum CBD Daily Drops close at hand. “They help me tremendously with jump starting my morning routine and getting my two kids up, dressed, fed, and to school on time. I feel more level-headed, ready to take on a tantrum at any moment!”


Sleep Gummies

Wellness Specialist Noelle Fister calls Sleep Gummies a “game-changer” when it comes to self-care. “If I forget to take them, I wake up feeling exhausted and dreading the day ahead.” Face the holidays well rested and ready to take on whatever comes your way with our premium CBD Sleep Gummies.

Gifts under $50

Always scrambling for last-minute gift ideas? Can’t think of any gift ideas for your best friend or favorite cousin? Save yourself some stress with these sure-to-please CBD favorites, but watch out — you might just decide to keep them for yourself!


Dynamic Roller Duo

Notebook with Roller DuoWellness Specialist Dr. Emily Kulpa keeps EQ’s Dynamic Roller Duo with her wherever she travels during the holiday season. “I like using this on my wrist and carry it around with me when visiting family and friends in case I need an instant but mild calming effect.” EQ’s full-spectrum CBD and specially selected essential oils can give you a boost of energy or a moment of calm, right when you need it most.


Mindful Mineral Soak

What’s better than a long, relaxing, hot soak in the tub after an exhausting and busy day? Nothing, if you ask us! Sink into the calm that comes from combining our premium CBD, more than 30 minerals, and an essential oil blend to soothe and de-stress.


Still looking for the best gifts of self-care for everyone on your list (and yourself)? Our holiday guide has everything you need for a relaxed, stress-free holiday season.  


A deep dive into the benefits of mushrooms

Stress gummies with blackberries and currants for stress managementDo you find yourself on edge more than usual lately? Do you start your day feeling stressed out and just can’t seem to shake it? These days, it seems like we’re all busier, more stressed, and more overwhelmed, and trying to figure out what to do about it can be stressful, too! If you find yourself in need of a “chill pill” from time to time, our new Stress Gummies are a natural way to manage your stress. Stress Gummies combine five organic adaptogenic functional mushrooms into delicious vegan gummies that help you keep your chill even in times of high stress. If you’re new to the world of functional mushrooms, welcome! There’s a lot to learn, but we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the benefits of mushrooms used in our Stress Gummies and why they were carefully selected as part of our organic five-mushroom blend. 

What are functional mushrooms and why are they used?

You may have heard the term “adaptogens” before — adaptogens are natural substances like plants or mushrooms that may help your body adapt to stress and support overall well-being. Functional mushrooms are adaptogens, and each kind of mushroom has its own benefits. The ingredients in Stress Gummies come from the fruiting body of the mushroom, which contains the most of the beneficial compounds these mushrooms are known for.

Which functional mushrooms are in Stress Gummies?

The five mushrooms used in Stress Gummies were specifically chosen for their mood-boosting properties and overall wellness benefits. Together, these mushrooms can help support more manageable stress levels and a greater sense of calm. Let’s take a deep dive to learn more about the benefits of mushrooms found in Stress Gummies:


Maitake: “The Dancing Mushroom”

Maitake Mushroom

Maitake is also known as “hen-of-the-woods” and is one of the largest mushroom species, often growing up to 100 pounds. Maitake contains a wide variety of beneficial compounds, including niacin, riboflavin, vitamin D, phosphorus, and potassium, offering a number of health-supporting benefits. Not only may maitake help promote a healthy stress response, but it also contains antioxidants and beta-glucans that help deliver immune support as well.

Reishi: “The Elixir of Life”

Reishi has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to bring balance and harmony. Containing  antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients, reishi works synergistically with other mushrooms and may help support the alleviation of stress and fatigue as well as a healthy stress response.  

Lions Mane MushroomLion’s Mane: “The Smart Mushroom”

Sometimes called “bearded tooth,” lion’s mane isn’t your traditional-looking mushroom. Instead of a cap, this mushroom has spiny white structures that resemble a lion’s mane. These mushrooms are frequently featured in gourmet cuisine and are rich in vitamins and minerals like thiamine, riboflavin, zinc and potassium. In addition to its mood-boosting effects, lion’s mane may also help support mental clarity and agility.

Cordyceps: “Himalayan Viagra”

Cordyceps, also called “caterpillar fungi,” is known for the wide variety of vitamins it contains, including vitamins B1, B2, B12, D, E, L, and K. Once reserved for the exclusive use of royalty, Cordyceps may help boost energy and endurance levels, helping you feel less fatigued and more refreshed.

Turkey Tail Benefits of MushroomsTurkey Tail: “Cloud Mushroom”

Turkey tail is one of the most well studied of the functional mushrooms and works together with the other adaptogens in Stress Gummies to help keep your stress levels in check. Turkey tail may provide energy-boosting support, contains immune-supporting beta-glucans, and may help support gut health.


Are you ready to try a natural “chill pill”? Find out how the functional mushroom blend in Stress Gummies can help you stay chill in the most stressful of situations. Still have questions? Our Wellness Specialists are here with all the answers you need and to help you customize your routine with the functional ingredients that are right for you.

New EQ Energy Capsules: Nature’s Spark Plug

It’s early morning and dark outside when your alarm clock bursts out its morning wake-up call! Instead of hopping up to start your day, you hit the snooze button once — okay, maybe a few times — before dragging yourself out of your soft, cozy bed and starting to get ready for the day. Does this sound familiar? 

Many Americans struggle to wake up and find it difficult to start their day with their desired energy level. This often leads to consistently reaching for a morning cup of coffee, tea, or even energy drinks to help give a boost when starting their day. Unfortunately, many of these delicious beverages contain added sugars and fats that can lead to an afternoon crash, further fatigue, and reaching for a second beverage to continue the caffeine support through the afternoon … and the cycle continues. 

Equilibria offers an alternative with our new Energy Capsules! These Energy Capsules may just be the perfect solution for that energy boost that you’ve been looking for. 


What’s in it?

New EQ Energy Capsules: Nature's Spark PlugThis unique formulation includes a botanical blend of L-theanine, BioPerine, and natural caffeine from coffee beans in a vegetable-based capsule that’s both vegan- and vegetarian-friendly. This product has been designed to promote calming energy to last you through the day. They start to kick in within 30 to 60 minutes with effects lasting anywhere from six to eight hours. 

  • L-theanine (200mg): This non-protein amino acid is found occurring naturally in green tea and mushrooms and can be used for easing tension and helping to unwind. L-theanine may promote calming effects and help improve mood. Additionally, the combination of L-theanine with caffeine may enhance performance on cognitively demanding tasks. 
  • Natural anhydrous caffeine from coffee beans (100mg): Caffeine is the most widely consumed psychostimulant in the world and naturally occurs in more than 60 plants. This caffeine is filtered out and dehydrated making it a potent tool to promote wakefulness, energy, and a boost in mood and focus.
  • BioPerine (2.5mg): This ingredient is a patented extract prepared from the dried fruits of Piper nigrum (black pepper) and contains a minimum of 95% piperine, which is the active alkaloid in black pepper. Orally, black pepper is used for increasing the absorption of various water- and fat-soluble nutrients to help boost the absorption of the other ingredients in this capsule.


What are the benefits?

New EQ Energy Capsules: Nature's Spark Plug

  • Easy-to-use
  • Flavorless
  • Portable
  • Convenient to take
  • Able to achieve standard dosing
  • As-needed energy support


How to use

New EQ Energy Capsules: Nature's Spark PlugThese Energy Capsules come in a 20-count supply and are intended to be used on an as-needed basis. They can be the perfect pick-me-up on the days when you find yourself dragging yourself out of bed or find yourself drooping after lunch.  

Take one Energy Capsule with a sip of water. Evaluate how you are feeling for a few hours before deciding to add a second Energy Capsule. 

If you are adding an Energy Capsule to your existing CBD routine, you have a few options:

  1. Maintain your normal CBD routine and add one Energy Capsule as needed for extra energy, spacing your dose about one to two hours apart from other products. 
  2. Replace your daytime CBD dose with an Energy Capsule, which may help with fatigue. 
  3. Work with a Dosage Specialist to help adjust your routine and discuss product options.

Pro Tip: Consider spacing your dose earlier in the day (such as before 2:00 pm) to avoid restlessness during the night. 


What to expect

You may notice:

  • Improvements in the speed and accuracy of attention-switching tasks
  • Decreased distraction with tasks that involve memory
  • Increased ability to sustain focus and attention on tasks
  • Feeling alert, yet calm
  • A rise in daytime productivity 

Pro Tip: If you want to replace caffeine intake, one Energy Capsule is approximately equivalent to one cup of coffee. 


Are Energy Capsules right for you?

New EQ Energy Capsules: Nature's Spark PlugEnergy Capsules may be a great fit for people who:

  • Are feeling fatigued and need an energy boost
  • Want an alternative to coffee, tea, or energy drinks
  • Want a quick and easy dose of energy
  • Need focused energy for their work week
  • Need a burst of energy before a workout
  • Are looking to replace or cut down their coffee consumption with the Energy Capsule
  • Want an alternative to CBD for fatigue/energy support



Ready to try Energy Capsules?

These Energy Capsules are our new favorite coffee alternative and we can’t wait for you to try them! Think of them as “nature’s spark plug”! Whether you’re new to Equilibria or have questions on how to incorporate Energy Capsules into your current routine, our Member Education team is here for you! Email us or schedule a pre-purchase consultation call to learn more! 



Functionals vs CBD: Beneficial Ingredients 101

Daily Drops and Energy CapsulesIf you’re looking to use functional wellness ingredients to address various aspects of your health, the options can be overwhelming! These beneficial ingredients include CBD, adaptogens, nootropics, and mushrooms (to name a few). While most of Equilibria’s products are “CBD forward” – meaning they lean most heavily on CBD to deliver wellness benefits – our newest products venture beyond CBD and lean into myriad other functional ingredients. Why? Because, at its core, EQ exists to ensure our customers have more and better ways to feel better. Our new “functional forward” products complement EQ’s current CBD offering, allowing us to get even more specific about the tools we offer to help address your daily wellness needs. 


Here, we’ve put together a guide to help you understand the differences between CBD and other functional ingredients, so you’re best equipped to build the perfect routine for your body and your needs.   


How is CBD different from other functional ingredients?

Quick note: CBD is a functional ingredient (and always has been!), but, given its ability to support so many wellness needs, we’re singling it out to appropriately sing its praises. 😍


Daily Drops Energy Capsules and GummiesBoth CBD and other functionals are beneficial ingredients that can be used to address various facets of your health including sleep, stress, balance, discomfort, focus, and more. But each also has its own properties and benefits that set it apart.


CBD is a plant-based ingredient derived specifically from hemp. EQ’s CBD is what’s known as full-spectrum, which means that you get a wide variety of cannabinoids and terpenes, which are compounds found in the hemp plant that contribute different benefits and effects. EQ’s CBD contains more than 100 of these compounds, including THC at less than 0.3%. CBD specifically interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for maintaining balance in various systems throughout the body (which explains why its benefits are so wide-reaching). EQ’s CBD products include Daily Drops, Daily Softgels, and Daily Gummies


“Other” Functionals can be derived from plants, minerals, herbs, enzymes or amino acids. Functional ingredients can be categorized in a variety of ways including as “adaptogens” or “nootropics.” Adaptogens are therapeutic compounds derived from botanical sources, offering benefits such as improved immune function, stress relief, and mood-boosting effects. Nootropics can be naturally derived or synthetic, and have been found to increase mental functions such as cognition, memory, creativity, motivation, and attention. EQ’s functional products include our new Stress Gummies and Energy Capsules.


How do I know what’s right for me?

Energy Capsules with water

Addressing your wellness goals means finding the right EQ products, containing the right beneficial ingredients, to suit your needs. Different products (CBD-forward and functional-forward) deliver different benefits,  and there are no hard-and-fast rules about which will be best for you. And, as your body changes and evolves, the right product mix is likely to change with it. But, if you’re just starting out on your wellness journey, here are a few ways to discern  which product mix (CBD-only, functionals-only, or a combination of both!) might be right for you.

CBD might be the right fit if you:

  • Generally struggle to feel grounded each day
  • Would describe your current state as “off-balance”
  • Are looking to address a variety of wellness goals with the same products
  • Are excited about starting a consistent daily routine in order to work toward your wellness goals 


Functionals might be the right fit if you:

  • Are looking to address a specific health goal with a product targeted toward that facet of wellness
  • Are unable to take CBD or other cannabinoid-based products due to potential drug testing
  • Are looking to finetune or optimize your current CBD routine to target more specific wellness goals 


The great thing about our EQ’s products is that you don’t have to choose one or the other! Many of our members can benefit from both CBD and functionals in order to achieve their wellness goals. Our products are designed to work in harmony together, so that you can customize your routine to work best for you, your life, and your needs. 


If you’re considering a combination of CBD and functional products, a great way to start is with CBD for consistent daily use and functional products for an as-needed add-on. Daily CBD use can maintain a variety of health and wellness aspects, while functionals can give your routine a boost during times when you need additional support for specific goals. 


Not sure where to start? Schedule your free one-on-one consultation with your Wellness Specialist to get answers to all of your questions and personalized recommendations on how best to fine-tune your routine. 

New Product! Stress Gummies for stress management

stress gummies on pink background

If you have ever struggled with day-to-day stress management from work, errands, and unexpected changes in your life, then you probably understand how even the most minor triggers can feel like a monumental challenge to handle. Stress can creep into other areas of your life and start to affect things like your productivity, ability to stay present, and sleep. 

When trying to find that moment of calm in your life, sometimes you need a bit of support, but knowing where to start and what products to try can add even more stress. We have developed an easy method to support you in those moments when you need your calm the most. Our new Stress Gummies are a delicious blackberry currant flavor that opens the doors to more functional wellness in your routine. 


Why they are special

Stress gummies with blackberries and currants for stress management

At Equilibria, we understand that everyone’s body responds differently to certain ingredients and no routine is alike. That is why we are happy to step into a new era of wellness with our Stress Gummies, featuring a blend of functional mushrooms. 

Functional mushrooms are adaptogens, which are natural substances that may help impact how the body deals with stress and fatigue. They are used to target specific stressors in the body and help promote homeostasis or balance. 

Our Stress Gummies contain a blend of five different mushrooms and are a great way to provide stress management to your routine. Each gummy contains 200mg of lion’s mane, Cordyceps, turkey tail, maitake, and reishi.


Key ingredients

  • Cordyceps to boost energy levels
  • Lion’s mane to promote mood-boosting effects and enhance cognitive functioning
  • Maitake to provide immune system support
  • Reishi to help balance and boost the body and mind
  • Turkey tail to provide immune system support and promote a reduction in oxidative stress


When to use and who should use them

The Stress Gummies can be useful as part of a daily routine or as needed for anyone who:

  • Struggles to manage stress 
  • Is looking to try functional mushrooms
  • Is looking for products without CBD/THC
  • Wants a boost to their existing CBD routine
  • Needs support for the mental as well as physical manifestation of stress
  • Is a night shift worker looking for stress support


How to use

If you are looking to add an existing wellness routine:

If you already have an established wellness routine with our products and are looking for boosted support for stress management, we encourage adding one Stress Gummy to your current routine on an as-needed basis. After five to seven days, if you still feel you could use additional support, you’re welcome to try increasing to two Stress Gummies. 


If you are looking to create a routine with ONLY the Stress Gummies:

Alternatively, if the Stress Gummies are the only product you’re using, or you’re looking to replace your daytime CBD dose with the Stress Gummies, you’re welcome to start using the gummies on a daily basis! We encourage trying one gummy for the first five to seven days, but you’re welcome to increase it to twogummies afterward if additional support is needed. 


Our Dosage Specialists’ recommended routine to start with the stress gummy:

Morning: One Stress Gummy for daytime support. 

Midday: One Stress Gummy to unwind for the evening


Ready to try Stress Gummies?

Functional ingredient portfolio shotWhether you are looking to start a new wellness routine or are looking to add functional mushrooms into your existing routine, our Stress Gummies are an easy, fun, and functional way to help support you in times of stress. 

Email us with any questions you may have or contact one of our Wellness Specialists by scheduling a Wellness Consultation to learn more! 


Keeping the Halloween Scaries Away

For those who love all things spooky, Halloween can be one of the best times of the year. Creative costumes, over-the-top decorations, and bags of your favorite candy all make this holiday a pretty laid-back celebration. There are no big meals to cook, no gift wrapping to worry about, and the only stress you should feel is from the horror movies in your Halloween movie marathon. But even a fun holiday like Halloween can use a little extra chill, so we’ve got a few ideas for how you can keep the Halloween scaries away.

Have a game plan

planner and computerWhether you’re trick-or-treating with the kids, heading out to a party, or staying home to hand out candy to all the little ghouls and goblins, having a plan in place for Halloween night will help you keep things chill and stress-free. Try to account for potential obstacles and anything that might complicate your good time and have a backup plan where needed. Make yourself a rough timetable and a list of everything you need to remember in order to have an eerily easy evening!

Be prepared

Do you find yourself running out of candy for trick-or-treaters every year? Always forget one critical component of your costume? This year, save yourself the stress by stocking up on candy (we’re sure you’ll find a use for any that’s left over!) so you won’t be the house that ran out again. A dress rehearsal for your costume is also a great way to make sure you have everything you need so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute. For kids, consider making a costume kit in advance — all of the parts of the costume stored together in a bin or a garment bag, stored in a place where small hands can’t carry away a critical piece you’ll be scrambling to find come October 31st. 

Take your CBD

Halloween night CBD with candleEven a fun holiday can still be a little stressful. Whether you feel like you won’t have time to do all the spooky stuff you want, or the logistics are proving a little hard to handle, you could probably use a little help staying on track to a ghoulishly good time. Our Rapid Calming Melts are a discreet, easy way to get some fast support when you’re feeling extra overwhelmed. EQ’s premium full-spectrum CBD melts feature patent-pending technology for on-the-spot stress relief so you can have a hauntingly good time.

Be flexible with your routine

halloween night partyBetween a parade of costumed trick-or-treaters ringing your doorbell at unpredictable intervals, kids hyped up on sugar and excitement, and last-minute costume catastrophes, your normal evening and bedtime routines are probably going to be affected. Instead of trying to stick to your usual routines, try adjusting them to accommodate all the wonderful weirdness of this holiday. Plan a simple dinner that can be interrupted when you need to go hand out candy, adapt the kids’ bedtime routine as needed, and do your best to go with the flow for this one night. The less stressed out you are, the more fun you’ll be able to have.


Get the most out of this Halloween with a little preparation and a boost to your CBD routine, and get ready for a stress-free spooky night with only the good kinds of fright!

Fall Skincare Routine

As fall settles in and the days get shorter and chillier, it’s no wonder we all want to lean into what makes us feel cozy and comfortable. Oversized sweaters, hot apple cider, and other comforts of the season all help you feel nurtured and snug as the leaves and the temperature are both falling. But did you know that your skincare routine also needs extra nurturing in the fall? Between time outside picking pumpkins and relaxing on hayrides and time indoors with the heat on to chase away the chill, your skin could use a little TLC … and a little CBD. Read on for some of our top tips for glowing fall skin.

Make a fall-themed face mask

Pumpkin and Honey fall skincareDIY masks can be a fun, easy way to nourish your skin as the weather is changing, and adding an autumnal twist can give your skin an added boost of benefits. Pumpkins are everywhere this time of year, but you probably haven’t considered incorporating them into your skincare routine. A pumpkin face mask isn’t just a way to achieve your ultimate fall aesthetic; it’s also great for your skin.


Pumpkin is full of antioxidants like vitamins A and C, which can help with skin’s elasticity and tone, and the enzymes found in pumpkin act as a great exfoliator. In addition, zinc and potassium, both found in pumpkin, can help with the redness and irritation associated with acne.


Try this recipe for a simple pumpkin mask you can do at home:

  • 2 tbsp pureed pumpkin (Make sure you’re using pure pumpkin and not pie filling!)
  • 1 tbsp plain yogurt
  • 1 tsp raw honey

Mix all ingredients together and apply to your face in an even layer. Leave on 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse well and follow with moisturizer.

Try a gentle scrub

Nourishing Body Oil with scrubDead surface skin cells can prevent skin from efficiently absorbing moisture and make your skin look dull and feel rough. A gentle scrub can remove dead skin cells, leaving refreshed, renewed skin. Try mixing baking soda with EQ’s Nourishing Body Oil to form a thin paste, then massage into your skin using light pressure. Rinse well and follow with moisturizer. The non-comedogenic oils in Nourishing Body Oil will hydrate and soften, and the baking soda will help slough away dull skin. 

Stay hydrated

Drink DropsGreat skin is so much more than skincare, and making sure your skin is hydrated is an important step to soft, glowing skin. It’s a good idea to drink plenty of water to keep your body’s systems functioning at their best, which can, in turn, help your skin stay healthy. Our Drink Drops are a delicious way to up your water intake and an instant way to refresh during a busy day.

Hydration is important to your skin in other ways, too. When the heat kicks on in your home, the moisture starts disappearing from the air, which can leave your skin dry, cracked, and itchy. Using a humidifier to introduce moisture back in the air can help your skin stay supple and hydrated. Also try adjusting your shower temperature to something a little cooler. Hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils, making it that much more difficult to maintain skin’s moisture in dry, cool air. 

Want to know how CBD can benefit you from head to toe?

Our Dosage Team is here, ready to answer all of your questions about Equilibria’s premium CBD and help you figure out the products and routine that’ll work best with your life and your concerns. Call or email us to set up your consultation.

Our Favorite CBD Tricks & Treats

For many of us, the transition into the fall accompanies basking in the cooler weather, admiring the picturesque fall foliage, and indulging in our favorite fall treats. With spooky season upon us, you may be in search of some new tricks or treats this season to make adulting more enjoyable. 


Whether you’re looking for some CBD tricks to spice up your routine or are interested in trying something different, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite CBD tricks and treats to keep you warm and cozy this fall. Read on for some ways to treat yourself to some self-care.


3 Tricks for CBD Benefits: 

1. Pair your daytime dose of CBD with a favorite activity like a morning workout or meditation. 

Woman going to workout with recovery roll-onCBD can enhance the feel-good molecules our bodies create from pleasurable activities, so you may even find this dose gives you an extra boost throughout the day. Try a CBD Gummy in the morning to keep the good vibes going all day long. 


2. Take a dose of CBD oil in the evening after work or while you’re trying to relax in the evening. 

Leave your worries behind as you focus on being present, whether it be spending quality time with your family or pampering yourself. Many of our members find that taking one full dropper (10mg/1mL) of Daily Drops in the evening is great for unwinding after a hectic day. 


3. Use your phone or a smart device to set reminders to help you stay consistent with your daily routine.

Woman setting a reminder on her phoneRemembering to take your CBD oil or CBD gummies regularly can be tricky, but consistency is an essential part of a CBD routine. Set reminders on your phone or keep your products in a highly visible location to help you stick with it and see the best results.


5 CBD Treats For the Fall Season:

1. Our Pomegranate Blueberry CBD Gummies

Pomegranate Blueberry CBD Gummies Daily Gummies with fruitThere’s nothing that screams “sweet treat” like our Daily Gummies. These delicious and easy-to-use CBD gummies are sure to be at the top of your list as your favorite form of self-care this fall.  


2. Pumpkin Spiked Latte

For anyone who loves pumpkin and coffee, pumpkin spiced lattes are a fall staple and with good reason. Try this Pumpkin Spiked Latte recipe featuring our Daily Drops so you can be festive all season long. 


  • 2 shots espresso or 1/2 cup freshly brewed coffee
  • 1 cup milk of choice
  • 3 tablespoons pumpkin puree
  • 1-2 tablespoons maple syrup or sugar to sweeten
  • 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 full dropper (10mg/1mL) of unflavored Regular Strength Daily Drops 
  • Whipped cream for topping (optional) 

Pumpkin Spiked Latte TreatInstructions: 

Pour the milk into a small pot and heat over medium-low heat until it is hot and almost simmering, but do not boil the milk. Brew your coffee and pour it into a large mug. Add pumpkin puree, maple syrup, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla, and a dose of Daily Drops into the mug. Stir until well combined.

Use a milk frother to froth your milk for about 30 seconds or until foamy, then pour the milk into the mug on top of the pumpkin coffee mixture. Reserve some extra foam, and spoon it on top. Feel free to top your treat with whipped cream, a little extra pumpkin spice, or cinnamon if you’d like!  


3. Drink Drop Popsicles

Our Drink Drop Popsicles are a fantastic treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. Combine our fast-acting Drink Drops with milk and frozen fruit of your choice and voilà — Drink Drop popsicles! These are a fun way to add some extra calm into your day. 

Ingredients (for 6 popsicles)

  • 1-1.5 cups coconut milk (or your favorite milk alternative)
  • 6 squeezes Drink Drops (approx. 1 tbsp., contains a total of 30 mg of CBD)
  • Frozen fruit of your choice
  • Popsicle molds
  • Popsicle sticks


Pour coconut milk or other milk alternative into a blender. Add 6 squeezes of Drink Drops and desired amount of fruit. Blend together, pour into popsicle molds, and freeze popsicles for at least 6 hours. Enjoy!


4. Hot Tea Toddy

When the temperature drops, a steaming beverage can be just what you need to battle the frigid air. Add some Drink Drops to some hot tea like this recipe and you’re sure to feel the warmth. 


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tea bag black or green tea, or 1 teaspoon loose leaf tea
  • 1-2 squeezes of Equilibria Drink Drops
  • Honey
  • Lemon
  • Lemon wheel and cinnamon stick for garnish 


Steep your preferred tea in a cup of hot water for 3-5 minutes. Squeeze in your favorite flavor of Equilibria Drink Drops. Add honey and lemon to taste. Garnish, stir, and enjoy!


5. Spiced and Stoned

Looking for a new drink to try? Check out our Spiced and Stoned recipe. Featuring our Drink Drops, lemon juice, ginger ale, and cinnamon, this mouthwatering mocktail will have you coming back for more. 


  • .5 oz of fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 squeeze of Equilibria White Peach Drink Drops
  • 1 oz Seedlip Spice 94
  • 4 oz Fever-Tree ginger ale
  • Lemon wheel and cinnamon stick for garnish


Build all ingredients into a collins glass and fill with ice. Garnish with a fresh lemon wheel and cinnamon stick. Enjoy!

We hope these tricks and treats will keep you in good spirits this season. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about CBD, get in touch with our Member Education team at


5 Wellness Trends To Look For This Fall

There’s nothing like a new season to inspire change. The air is chillier, the kids are back to school, and it’s time for a little extra focus on you. You might be considering how you’re spending your time or where your energy is going. The crisp air and autumnal equinox invite you to evaluate your wellness routine and get cozy with the things that are serving you best. Something about fall sparks a recommitment to physical and mental wellness ahead of the bustling holiday season. Check out these five fall wellness trends to incorporate into your life this season.



wellness trends journalingHere at Equilibria, we love a good journaling practice. There are many ways to perform this tried-and-true wellness trend, so don’t limit yourself to a “dear diary” moment every time. Your journal is your safe space to mind dump, vent, and whatever else. When it comes to CBD routines, our Dosage Specialists always encourage journaling to track your results and stay in tune with the subtle changes in your mind and body. You can use our Wellness Journals (link wellness journal or free gift page) to help you stay consistent and mindful. Further, writing by hand is a mental process that can calm your brain down. In moments of peak stress, put pen to paper — make a pros and cons list about that sticky situation, sketch out the plans for that random idea you had, or write a letter to your past or future self. Your thoughts and ideas will soothe your soul if you let them!



wellness trends meditatingMeditation is the practice of being present. Some people may find keeping a consistent meditation practice one of the most challenging wellness trends. Maybe you’re one of those people and it can be hard to find a spare moment when you’re not rushed to the next to-do. Too often, we find ourselves ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. Think of meditating like your favorite perfume or cologne: a little goes a long way. We can implement tiny doses of mindfulness into our day and build from there. Focus on your breathing and use the changing season to keep your mind present. For example, hear the crisp crunch of leaves under your shoes, feel the cool wind on the tips of your ears and nose, and smell the neighbors’ evening bonfire down the block. Allow yourself to feel grounded in these moments before they’re gone.


Portable wellness tools

Keep your favorite wellness products on the go with you to access support whenever you need it! Small fidget toys can be a lifesaver for focus, and earplugs can help drown out the external noise to cultivate your inner peace. Our Rapid Calming Melts and Rapid Sleep Melts travel well and are highly discreet for stressful moments in a pinch. In moments of complete head clutter, a pocket journal or the handy dandy note app on your phone can be perfect for journaling on the go. Consider keeping an old makeup bag or small pouch in your purse or work bag to store all of your tools. 


Functional ingredients

Sleep Gummies functional ingredientsWe love our CBD around these parts, but hemp is only one of the hundreds of thousands of plants known for their medicinal properties. Plant medicine has been used over centuries of human history, but one of the wellness trends has really caught on fire over the last few years. Could this be the season when you explore a new herbal tea or additional supplements for focus or stress support? As we always say with CBD, experimenting is the name of the game. Starting low and going slow as you increase is a safe and effective way to find your most therapeutic dose. Though there is much to learn, we now know that several types of mushrooms, flowers, and spices can be used to soothe symptoms of many common ailments. 


Digital wellness

woman on computerElectronics are a part of this modern life. Between endless Zoom meetings, doom-scrolling on the phone, and binge-watching the latest popular show, it can feel like there aren’t many hours where we’re free from digital stimulation. Too much screen time can lead to significant eye strain, sleep problems, and chronic neck and back problems, just to name a few. How many nights per week do you fall asleep while on your phone? Do you binge shows or video games on your off days? There’s nothing wrong with screen time in moderation, but it’s most important to stay conscious of what you’re consuming. Keep any social media burnout or comparing yourself to others in check, and fill the time you would normally be on your phone with hobbies and habits that fill your cup!

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