How to Increase Sublingual CBD Absorption

You already know that the quality of the CBD you take is important, but did you also know that how you take it can make a big difference in how it works for you? Equilibria’s premium CBD is available in a number of delivery methods, including Softgels, Oil, Gummies, and Melts. Of these, two products are meant to be taken sublingually: Daily Drops and Rapid Calming Melts. Not sure if sublingual CBD is the right option for you? Find out more about the benefits of this delivery method and if it’ll work for you.


How to Increase Sublingual CBD Absorption


What is sublingual CBD absorption and how does it work?

How to increase sublingual absorption“Sublingual” simply means taken under the tongue. Sublingual CBD products, such as our Daily Drops and Rapid Calming Melts, are placed under the tongue so that the CBD is absorbed directly into your bloodstream through blood vessels located under the sublingual glands. Where as other delivery methods, such as our Daily Softgels, result in CBD being absorbed through digestion and released slowly, sublingual CBD almost entirely bypasses the digestive system and begins working faster. The rapid uptake of sublingual CBD means you’ll notice the effects much sooner and may also experience more pronounced benefits.



What are the benefits of sublingual absorption?

If you’re looking for immediate relief, sublingual absorption might be the right choice for you. Because sublingual CBD bypasses the digestive system, there’s very little wait time before it starts working. With a faster onset comes a somewhat shorter duration of effects, whereas CBD taken in softgel form has a slower onset but a longer duration. Digested CBD oil may have a more subtle, longer-lasting effect, while sublingual CBD absorbs quickly to start working faster with more pronounced effects for a shorter period of time. Many of our members use Daily Softgels to keep a steady “baseline” of CBD, while using Daily Drops or Rapid Calming Melts as more of an as-needed dose in times of heightened stress. 


Sublingual absorption also affects the bioavailability of your CBD dose. Bioavailability is how much of the CBD your body can use, and how effectively your body uses it. Sublingual CBD products have higher bioavailability, as they aren’t subject to the liver’s first-pass metabolism. First-pass metabolism is a process in which a substance enters the liver and is processed in a way that may reduce its bioavailability. Since CBD taken sublingually does not get processed through the liver, it therefore retains much more of its bioavailability.


How can you increase sublingual CBD absorption?

How to increase sublingual absorptionWhen taking your daily dose sublingually, there are several ways to increase absorption and get the most out of your Equilibria premium CBD. 


Daily Drops: When taking your Daily Drops, allow your dose to sit under your tongue for at least 60 seconds or more. The longer you let the drops sit, the more CBD will be absorbed into your bloodstream. When you swallow what remains of your Daily Drops after letting them sit, any remaining CBD oil will be processed through your digestive system.


Rapid Calming Melts: Our innovative, patent-pending rapid melts are designed to offer the fastest absorption and highest bioavailability so you can get immediate relief exactly when you need it. To get the most out of your Rapid Calming Melts, take a sip of water immediately before placing a melt under your tongue, and let the melt dissolve completely before swallowing. 


If you still aren’t certain if sublingual CBD is the right choice for you and your wellness goals, our Certified Wellness Coaches are here to help. Every Equilibria purchase includes a 1:1 consultation with one of our Certified Wellness Coaches, who will help you personalize your daily routine based on your needs and goals. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your Equilibria premium CBD with the help of our Member Education Team! You can also visit our Youtube page at any time for helpful videos regarding sublingual CBD and CBD in general!